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I saw them at their first oneman (mind you, this is back when Ryuya, Seiya, and Hiroto were all still in the band) and they sounded fantastic live. Keisuke was a bit stiff and I think they tried to sound perfect rather than give a good live show. But again, this was four years ago and they've added new members and had time to work on their stage presence. In the live videos they post to twitter, their lives look super fun and they'll probably be begging the audience to mosh as much as possible. The members themselves like the non-VK crowds a lot, so I can guarantee it'll be a blast if you like to move.

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2 hours ago, AwesomeNyappy said:

That sounds amazing! I go into mosh pits occasionally, so I hope there will be one at their concert :)

I would be very surprised if there wasn't one and/or if Keisuke doesn't call upon the crowd to do a wall of death. You should definitely go and have fun, even if it is just to support the band's overseas adventures. I hope this tour is very successful and gives them the confidence to tour elsewhere.

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