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Kaya new maxi-single "夢路" (Yumeji) release

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Kaya new maxi-single "夢路" (Yumeji) will be released at 2017/03/08 (2 types)


Limited edition (2160 yens) will include CD (2 songs) + DVD ("夢路" (Yumeji) PV)

Regular edition (1620 yens) will include CD (3 songs) only


[CD tracklist]

01. 夢路 (Yumeji)
02. Frosty Rain (with 鈴木結女(Suzuki Yume))
03. 夢路(Yumeji)-Remix- [regular edition only]


He will hold his oneman live tour "Dream after Dream" since 2017/03/18 at OSAKA RUIDO since 2017/04/07 at Shinjuku ReNY



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Kaya will hold his chanson live, "新春シャンソンショウ2017〜10th Anniversary〜" (New Years' Chanson Show) on January 29 at TSUTAYA O-EAST.


He will also hold his acoustic live, 「喫茶黒猫」, on February 2 at SARAVAH Tokyo.


participating Chanson artists:

Hitomi (ex-Moran)

大槻ケンヂ (Otsuki Kenji)


浜崎容子 (Hamasaki Yoko) (アーバンギャルド (Urban Garde)

宮崎吐夢 (Miyazaki Tomu(?))

Ricky (ex-THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S)

チャラン・ポ・ランタン (Charan Po Rantan)


Moderator: 山田広野 (Yamada Hirono)

Accordion: 桑山哲也 (Kuwayama Tetsuya)

Performance: おおくぼけいと薔薇色シャンソン楽団 (Ōku boke ito barairo shanson gakudan)

Violin: カジカ (Kajika)

Keyboard: おおくぼけい (Ohkubo Kei) (アーバンギャルド (Urban Garde))

Cello: 中林成爾 (Nakabayashi Seiji)

Bass: うのしょうじ (Uno Sholin)

Drums: 中島肇 (Hajime Nakashima)

Guitar: 犬神情次2号 (Inugami Jouji 2-gou) (犬神サアカス團 (Inugami Circus Dan))

Organized by Shibuya Television
Producer: ソワレ(Soware) & Kaya




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23 minutes ago, The Moon said:

I wish he'd release another Chanson album. I really enjoyed his last one, and being a big fan of chanson, it was fun to hear them translated into Japanese.

This af. I love Kaya's version of "C'est si bon"!

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