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Isa's drawing (Mostly fanarts)

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I'm always a bit nervous to share my drawings with people but since i'm trying to be a bit more more productive and motivated to practice lately i'll show you my favorites. :)



(Sivy from DISH, made in early 2016 on tablet)


(Arimura Ryutaro,made in 2014 on tablet)


(Arimura Ryutaro, made in 2014 too on tablet)


(Some ram man character I just randomly drew, made last summer)


(Andy from THE GALLO,  made two days ago)


(Kazuki from xaa xaa, made yesterday really quick lol)


Zyean from JILUKA, made last night)



I'll try to do more eventually, I'd like to fix my tablet too since i'm more comfortable with this method. 

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I like drawings of Sivy, Andy and Kazuki the most. Their faces are the best imo.  and what's up with the electric cord head? :D


Keep up the good work!  Sharing your stuff can be nervous at first, but it goes away surprisingly fast.

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3 hours ago, SadMoomin said:

This is such a nice compliment considering I really like the old school manga style and I've always been inspired by that in my drawings as well ;u; Thanks a lot !! :D 

You're welcome~

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On 1/6/2017 at 4:40 AM, shiroihana said:

Very cool drawings, hope to see more from you!

Do you do requests or just whoever you like? :P

Thank you !!!! 

I currently don't do requests because i'm focusing mostly about practicing and get better ! ;; But i'm open to this idea maybe in the near future  ^3^

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I don't know if it belong here but since it's creative i'm gonna post ! Lately I got a sims craze so I mess around with character customization and i'm trying to make my favorite bandmen~ i'm currently trying to make GALLO : 



 Jojo (need find more piercings tho,,, I did what I could orz)










Gonna do Kaede and nov too ~ i'll post when I'll be done. 

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I painted Luvia for his bday ! This is the first time I paint someone. I usually paint scenery. Pretty proud of myself ! (Still need to fix the pictures that disappeared, whoopppps)





Edited by SadMoomin

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