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カイモクジショウ (kaimokujisho) has disbanded

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Taken from their twitter, and translated thanks to Hiroki.



In the middle of July 2016 our vocalist Nishida Natsumi expressed her desire to leave the band, as a result of which it became difficult to carry on with the ongoing production of our 2nd album as well as our band activities.
Gt. Takahashi and Dr. Ueda came together and tried their best to change Nishida's mind but to no avail.


We wanted to do our best to meet our fans' expectations but it's a shame that we couldn't. Please forgive us.

Kaimokujishou will disband [or has disbanded, it isn't clear].


Comments from our members are on our OHP. Please take a look at them.

Furthermore, following the wishes of Vo. Nishida there aren't any plans for a disbandment live.


We're grateful to everyone related to the band and all our fans. Thank you.





Their OHP is no longer up, so there's no way to see the comments from the band members. Really sad to see yet another cool band bite the dust. :emo:

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