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Piyu Kotodama

Visual Kei CDs, Photos, Cheki, stuff and cosplay for sale

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Bands: Kiryu, Megaromania, Clearveil, Lin -the end of corruption world- (2nd part only), Nega, Brodiaea, Monolith
Selling a lot of stuff: cds, dvds, chekis, photosets. Also selling Megaromania (Sui) and Kiryu (Hiyori) cosplay costumes (information below)

You can also request a photo of any particular cheki if you want~
I accept only paypal payments. I ship worldwide. Buyer pays shipping and paypal fee.
Need all these gone asap, so I accept negotiations. More you buy, more discount and presents you get!

What I'm selling (all the photos below):

Akaimihajiketa C type - 7 euro 
Etsu to utsu CD type C 7 euro 
Aien kien CD type C 7 euro 
Kiryu comment DVD for Tomoshibi single - SOLD
Kiryu comment CD for Aien Kien single - 3 euro
Kiryu comment DVD for Aien Kien single - SOLD
Kiryu comment CD for Kyousei single - 3 euro
Kiryu comment DVD for Kyousei single - SOLD 
Nega comment DVD - 5 euro (includes comment and a piece of live rehersal)



Etsu to utsu CD type D - 7 euro

Kiryu Kyousei DVD Sakai Mitsuki ver. - 13 euro 
Brodiaea photocard - 2 euro 
Kiryu group photocard - SOLD



1 - Ryu (Monolith) cheki - 7 euro
2 - Ryuuto (Clearveil) cheki - SOLD
3 - Sui and Kisaki (Lin) unsigned cheki - 10 euro
4 - Sui and Kisaki (Lin) signed cheki - 12 euro
5 - Cero (Lin) cheki - 6 euro
6, 7 - Misery (Megaromania) cheki - 10 euro each
8 - Sui (Lin, Megaromania) session band cheki - 10 euro
15 -  Mitsuki (Kiryu) cheki - 3 euro 

18 - Junji (Kiryu) cheki - 4 euro
19 - Saki (Clearveil) - SOLD 
20 - Hisayoshi (Clearveil) - SOLD 
21, 26 - Misery (Megaromania) - 10 euro each 
22 - Hyouga (Megaromania) - 8 euro 
23, 24, 26 - Sui (Megaromania) - 10 euro each





27 - Hyouga and Sui cheki - 14€
28 - Hyouga and Chikage cheki - 14€
29 - Yuushi signed cheki - 10€
30, 36, 37 - Leda cheki - 12€
31 - Chikage signed cheki - 12€
32, 39, 41, 43, 45 - Misery signed cheki - 13€
33, 35 - Hyouga and Leda cheki - 14€
34 - Leda and Misery cheki - 14€
38 - Hyouga signed cheki - 10€
40, 42 - Misery cheki - 11€






Clearveil photocards - 5€ each
Chikage trading card. - 3€
Lin Misery photocard (Sacred Xanadu order bonus) - 5€





Also I'm looking for Elysion, Vanikill and Kiryu t-shirts/parkas, Kiryu fans and Megaromania t-shirts. Not interested in chekis.
I can accept trading/partial trading for these items.



Also selling cosplay costumes. All sizing considers that you wear suppressing west. You can request more photos via DM if you’re going to buy. I'm not making special photos for those who "going to cosplay that guy too".


Shipping is included in price. I ship to any country.


1) Megaromania - Sui - God of Megaromania PV version. 250$ Includes everything except wig (it’s sold) and legwarmers (was resewn for Apocalypse). Necklace is also included. Size is rather S. Have it in mind that you’ll need something to suppress your chest. Sleeve girth not more than 26sm because otherwise it will be hard to wear. Skirt is quite wide and adjustable though, I think it’ll be ok for the person till 80sm in waist. Worn for two cons, atm in good condition.



2) Megaromania - Sui - Apocalypse PV version. 200$ Includes everything except wig. Handpainted sleeves, corsage, tough skirt. Sleeves are rather adjustable and regulated by belts. Blouse is quite wide. I think it may fit both S and M size actually since most of parts are adjustable. I can also sell shoes with this costume (size japanese 25) for 30$ Was also worn for two cons, atm in good condition.



3) Kiryu - Hiyori Isshiki - Minazakura/Oirantan PV. 200$ Absolutely identical to original handpainted kimono, obi with corsage lacing and giant bow for the back. Size S-M, though I think it might fit L… maybe. Includes everything excluding skirt, though I think it’s not hard to find a new one in any shop. I can also sell pre-styled wig with ponytails for 30$



4) Kiryu - Hiyori Isshiki - Akakuchiru Boku no Ao look. 250$ There’s no PV for this one actually, though there were few old backstage DVDs. Quite close to the original. It’s not finished on this photo, but it’s finished at the moment. I’ll send all the necessary photos to a buyer. Haven’t managed to wear it on con, so I don’t have a lot of photos, but I’ll make more for you if you’ll be buying it. Can also sell pre-styled wig with two ponytails with this costume. Size is rather M. Skirt is on a rubber band. Condition is new.



I accept minor negotiations for the prices, but please have in mind that it takes a lot of fabrics, paint and hard work, so be reasonable. I do not sell wigs or shoes separately. 

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