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[REVIEW] 有村 竜太朗 (Ryutaro Arimura) - 「デも/demo」

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I'll put up a more detailed review at a later date, but WOW.

This is legions better than what Plastic Tree has been offering us since Bucchi left the band. This is not a joke, this is a fact. The vast majority of these songs are pretty old, having been played at Neji lives (THOSE BOOTLEGS OF NEKOYUME RULE.)

Anyway, solid 8/10. 

I'll probably have more to add, as i listen to the album further.

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On 2016/11/28 at 8:22 AM, EzraEroguro said:

This is legions better than what Plastic Tree has been offering us since Bucchi left the band. This is not a joke, this is a fact.



This album let me remember old pura... I am happy to listen these songs especially track 3.


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The diamond「デも/demo」 was found in the darkness to impress us and bring new a beginning to Ryutaro. 







From the fans dreams. Finally Ryutaro arimura released your own solo project. This year Plastic tree celebrated the 23th birthday it's interesting as Ryutaro kept his own compositions in secret and he just was waiting the right time to start own solo project. Its so obvious that him wanted a wonderful and very well produced release.  

Some years ago... I was talking with a Kurage friend about a "solo project" in future and i was right that Ryutaro have many unreleased songs and maybe he could release some solo album to give to us the personal work and feelings him between all these years with Plastic Tree band. 


Then today we have「デも/demo」release that is incredible work from him. Like my last review, i will comment every song and then overall and sorry if i commit some wrongs in English. 

Let’s to review.



01 - 幻形テープ/genkeitêpu 

Like a intro, genkeitêpu just bring piano and one deep atmosphere that remains between all time. The great point it's when Ryutaro introduce the mini-album with own title of release and then come a lively atmosphere which resembles the birth of the release. 

02 - 浮融/fuyuu 

The fuyuu song impressed everyone in the first preview from the release on youtube. That gave a good impression with what could be 「デも/demo」. Yes, its a shoegaze song, awesome with all details including the PV and reminds so much the 13th Friday song traces. 

Fuyuu is lovely to me. But isn't my favorite song and i should to admit that its so deep with a explosion of feelings since the guitar intro until the mixing of all instruments with the Ryutaro's voice. The song already start like the main chorus by the way that Ryutaro start express himself quickly that is interesting thing to me, if its a song with elements from the shoegaze. In every minute the listener dream with all the feelings that fuyuu brings that is relaxing and wonderful song, i have sure that Ryutaro worked so much to production and composition of fuyuu. He knew that would surprise fans that would be the favorite song for many fans, that is real fact today. That's a reason that he knows how work with shoegaze songs that is really catchy to fans, i have sure that he will explore this to next releases.  

03 - 魔似事/manegoto 

Managoto song just break the atmosphere of fuyuu. Enjoyable and simple is how i define this song. Its a plus with the video music that bring the beauty and photography of some scenes. I think that is the begin of "musical identity" of Ryutaro on mini-album. Enjoyable songs to a public that know him only with plastic tree songs.  

04 - また、堕月さま/mata,otsukisama 

I can say that is a continuation of manegoto. The same style and more enjoyable and sweet (Melancholic) with pure feelings and between manegoto and mata,otsukisama i prefer mata, otsukisama. Like a better version of manegoto that's makes me think "these songs are just one song (?)", this i will never know. In fact there a similarity that convinces me to did this question. Anyway, mata, otsukisama is one of my favorite songs. 

05 - うフふ/ufufu 

Another break in mini-album, that reminds Hakusei release that have something like that in the end of album. I dont know why he did this but i felt a little bored. Just a snippet from fuyuu song like a background with mix of other sounds.  

06 - 猫夢/nekoyume 

The second high of release is nekoyume. The song is great and isn't something new from the last releases of Plastic tree unfortunately. Nekoyume is the song that i listen so often, i dont know why exactly.... Maybe is because is a exciting song and  expressive that makes me feel better. The video music isn't something new, the way is the same in Rakka release of Plastic tree. I have to confess that i think that Nekoyume is a copy of Rakka lol (Like born this way to Express yourself of madonna).  

07 - 鍵時計/kagidokei 

For me this song is a pray from Ryutaro. Very expressive of simplicity like a poem, this impress me so much in kagidokei that the second song that i love in mini-album. Once more time Ryutaro show the real personal songs that impress me with the voice him. This is so visible in the video music too, the scenes are lovely in black and white that gave the perfect harmony to song. 

08 -  恋ト幻/rentogen 

Finally the best song to me, rentongen is the true identity of Ryutaro songs. The clean voice of him between the electro beats that is perfect in my opinion. Again i felt the best feelings in video music that gave to me the best definition about rentongen. First i saw Ryutaro without make up with a sad expression and anguish, many times i could saw too the deep eyes him with inexplicable feelings. I saw many times a certain restlessness incluiding when he is blind in some scenes.  

That's makes me think: many songs unfinished and rentongen is a diamond that he worked so good to be the last song. My fav song definitely! 

AC. Ver 

The acoustic songs are very good to a extra content, to me are perfect versions. Some looks no different from the original (should be due little digital manipulation in the songs). Ryutaro wanted to show both side of songs, because this he included the AC Versions and of course give to us a full work to first solo release.  



「デも/demo」is definitely a good start to solo career, the content is very complete with all details and production. The physical CD's give to us the best art content and musically. This is a reason to be expensive to have all versions, Ryutaro had to create the almost all stuff. The ideas from him was good to every song and PV's and he had all freedom to do that (without pressure of label) and he did some comments on Twitter about every song and how he tried finish and the production details.  

About the similarity of some songs of Plastic Tree.... I have an answer: He is the vocalist and the members do what they like, including the ideas. Many years in Plastic tree band that to have own style take some time or maybe this is the own style that Plastic Tree just use to represent the band. 

To me 「デも/demo」 is one the best release in this year. Was unexpected, daring to own Ryutaro, impressive in some moments and lovely in others. Mainly complete in every detail. This is our「デも/demo」. 




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+1 on the Old Pla vibes. You can hear he actually wrote some of the songs back in the day. Totally didn't expect this. Some of the videos seem forced (like, 'OK guys we need a PV for every single one of these kinda thing), but music-wise it's pure gold if you're a fan of their old stuff.

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