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[INTERVIEW] KLACK - Terrorism of red piss

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Since the DVD has subtitles :D
Btw, I don't know who is who, except for the vocalist.

I don't really think it matters. 

I also think the translation is good. maybe sometime bit of engrish. But it's still what the guys are really saying.



- Why did you start the band?

* Everyday, it was the same thing over and over. Like the time I was an ID clerk, same thing over and over. So I thought dying would be better than this bored life. But now, I found the band as a reason not to die, so I do it now.

* I really didn't have anything to do with my life. And I really hated that situation... that's why I started.


- About the Title [Terrorism of red piss]

"Terrorism" means to use and try every possible means to achieve political purpose.

And what we have achieved so far as the band KLACK. For example the Gig's at clothes shops, SM Clubs and even our music videos. It all expresses a screaming shout out to society.

"wanna sell, wanna soothe, wanna make people dance", this mentality of "fake rock" is the kind of music that's on the music chart. And I think KLACK should destroy it. And that is what we mean by the word "terrorism".


- Why is the "Japanese Hostage Crisis in Iraq" the theme of your MV?

* The hostage situation was like 3 Japanese people forced to do all sorts of things. So I thought if KLACK did it. It would be funny.

* We just wanted to be stupid as the hostages. You know, we're stupid too.

* Just you man!


- Tell us about the animation

That's also one of KLACK's terrorism.


- What's the most important aspect of "ROCK"

That souls shout


- When do you shout?

Like what Masaya said, when we feel suppressed. But also when all the anger just spills out.


- What pisses you off

Just everything in this world. It pissed me off so I wanna destroy it all


- All of them?

Yeah all. I'm gonna destroy it all. 


-Well what do you call Seiya's mother?

* I call her "Hag"

* Me too

* I call her "Seiya's mom"

* Old bag


- What about your friend , Kazumasa?

* He is a sick guy you know. He said he'd quit YOKOHAMA RUBBER. 

* He's gonna start a band right?

* wait, why's he quitting?

* He wants to be popular. So I told him, if getting laid is the reason to start a band, then you have no right to start a band.  He almost cried!


- Are there many bands that start just for money and girls?

* They are weak!

* And they call it "ROCK"... There's no point in doing a band like that. Doing rock means Rock. Why Rock?. That's the meaning.


- Tell us about your GIGs?

* The first GIG...that was shit! Every time I see it it makes me wanna die.

* true

* It was all about desire

* I wanted to be cool and I wanted to give a good impression. I had those stupid feelings... So I don't like it.

* We were too young

* You know how we just said "there are many stupid bands", well.. our first gig. WE were exactly like them. It was when we thought we were all talk and no play.


- How abou tthe 2nd GIG?

* That GIG changed me. We moved from 1st floor to the 2nd floor over and over. and during that we had a bit of break. I didn't notice but people told me I changed. That was the 2nd GIG.

* I think the GIG at the SM Club changed all of us and that we became our style.

*  I learned that I shouldn't worry about performing well: I should just let my souls do their screaming. But that too, I was just still learning.


- What about the GIG at Shibuya Public Hall?

* I think Shibu-ko was something special. Even though we try not to think oo much of it, it was something special. First of all the place was HUGE! and the most thing  I remember was when "u" said "Feels so good!".

* Our shittiest song echoed throughout Shibu-ko.

* that was the first positive comment.


- Tell us the reason why you used the footage of North Korea

* Every TV and mass media report on North Korea is about the kidnap. But we shot a film of real North Korea, so when people see it they can see something different.

* That's right.

* You have to go there to actually see what's going on. You know the Japanese Mass Media reports information. Like military affairs, that all North Korean People are soldiers, and everyone is dying of hunger. Of course there are some but no as much as you think.


* what u talking about? You didn't go!

* Wait, were you that Traffic Control lady??

* At first, I thought she would be a robot

* But it's a person

* Just to think she's been doing it for dozens of minutes. Amazing.  We inserted those interesting scenes.

* a bit of North Korea that Japanese don't know about.

* And that is our terrorism against the Mass Media.


- What does "band"mean for KLACK?



- If a terrorist acts by any means to achieve their purpose, fair means or foul? What is KLACK'S purpose?

We will destroy all of the society.


- What will you gain by doing this?

Don't know until we do it.


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