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DEVIZE, first announced at the end of 2015 however the start of this band was in MARCH 2016.
In September 2016 they hold their first ONEMAN which was SOLD OUT!



Vocal … アル・フィオン

→ シャドウ → Lydiac(帝) → DEVIZE  
Guitar … LARM→ シャドウ → Lydiac(麗喜) → DEVIZE
Drums … 爬

→ ArcGarden → AvelCain(怜人→Dr.葬)[1] → 麗麗(Ba.怜斗)[2] → DEVIZE(Dr.爬)


Past member:

Bass … teoh -

→ シャドウ → Lydiac(ジン) → DEVIZE



I myself really like them, somehow they create music different than 99% of the visual kei bands who are around now. Their music always feels as every melody fits on the right place, also the vocalist voice is nice to listen too. Maybe not the best grunting however NO PIGGY SCREAM! *_* I also really love the style of the drummer. However when I first recovered this band, I really thought "those guys look to amazing to sound good". However After some plays I truly felt in love with this band. I truly hope that Double River Record will be good to them. I would be sad if they would break up anytime soon.
All I can say more is that their upcoming single "jikisou" is again a great singe. and it's easy to buy on CDJAPAN. will be released at 2016.12.14 <-GRAB IT!~ only 1200yen!


And I also can't wait for:


this single is also available on CDjapan 2000 yen. and will be released at January 18 2017.


Someday I really hope to see this band LIVE!!

I really think they great, however the feedback about them on this forum is a bit.... I still think that they sound as so great as their first single AXIS!
And I truly can't wait for their album release! So I hope those who only liked their first release to give DEVIZE a 2nd change, EXODUS is also an amazing single. Which still can be bought at CDJapan and of course on other websites.


DEVIZE is for me 100% one of the best bands of 2016.

Which I really didn't expect when I first checked them out.


DEVIZE on web:


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I really can't wait to receive their new single. hopefully it will arrive next week :D Hopefully without custom tax.


I can't stop listen "CORE".




And hopefully their upcoming oneman at the end of March will be also sold out.

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Ah, handsale tickets of their upcoming oneman are already SOLD OUT.

However tickets are still available via e+






And what do you think of "Shut Down"? I really love that track too.  Nice and heavy again :D

I think it's their best single out of the 3.
But I keep saying that DEVIZE got the sound and the look how a Vkei band really should SOUND.
Great look and amazing music.

Real quality visual kei.

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2016/02/14 | 2曲 | FREE single | Axis
2016/03/23 | 3曲 | 1st single | IRONEY | SHOP RELEASE
2016/03/03 | 2曲 | 1st single | IRONEY | LIVE Limited release
2016/06/22 | 3曲 | 2nd single | Exodus | CD only | SHOP RELEASE
2016/06/22 | 2曲 | 2nd single | Exodus | CD+DVD | SHOP RELEASE
2016/11/03 | 2曲 | 3rd single | BLOOD – Begin | LIVE Limited release
2016/12/14 | 2曲 | 4th single | 『喰葬』-Erosion- | SHOP RELEASE
2017/01/18 | 2曲 | 5th single | CD+DVD | SHOP RELEASE
2017/07/28 | 3曲 | 6th single | Fallin’ Night | CD only | SHOP RELEASE
2017/07/28 | 3曲 | 6th single | Fallin’ Night | CD+DVD | SHOP RELEASE
2017/12/13 | 2曲 | 7th single | Meaningless | SHOP RELEASE
2017/07/28 | 3曲 | 8th single | UNCERTAIN | TYPE-A | SHOP RELEASE
2017/07/28 | 3曲 | 8th single | UNCERTAIN | TYPE-B | SHOP RELEASE



Anyway, are there any people who wanna share something to thank them for these 2 years?
Please let me know, I can deliver it to them for 100% 

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