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Misaruka are a Visual-Kei band formed in 2004 under the name "La Neige" (2004 - 2007/7/17).

They have since changed their name to "Misaruka" in 2008.


Members :


Vocal : RUI 




Guitar : MIZUKI




Guitar : YUSEI (Ex-Epilatoire)




Bass : AZAMI







-> (Since they have formed, Misaruka have "self-produced" until 2011) <-


In 2009 the guitarist Yusei announced that he leaves the band on 10th December

 but the band have decided to continue the same the activities.




 Unfortunately even the guitarist Mizuki in 2010 decided to leave the band

after their concert on April 19th.


(He later abandonment of Misaruka became the guitarist of the band Lin -The End Of Corruption World-)


But this time the band decided to stop the activities and form a temporary project called "Project -Merrow-"



This project was born on 10/07/2010 and more than 3 members of Misaruka (Rui, Azami and Vetchie)

included two new guitarists, or Rin (Ex-Amaryllis) and Sawah. 


In 2011 they decided to break the project and to bring back Misaruka  in action

but this time they decided not self-produced more and decided to join Starwave Records.




Over the years Misaruka have released singles, mini-albums, albums, live-distributed CDs and DVDs having a steady growth in the world of Jrock Visual-Kei music. In 2015 Misaruka announce a new side-project called "Misaruka WDP" (World Domination Project) composed by singer Rui and guitarist Rin.

 They have released a DVD containing 3 PV (Calling, Segula, Rogation) but they have never been a very active project.




The band is still active and continues regularly to dump material and playing in concerts! :D



80% of their PV's are available on You Tube on the official channel of Starwave Records :)



PS: I will put them in order by : OLD LOOK -> NEW LOOK


ENJOY! ♪ :3 


Misaruka W.D.P - Rogation



Misaruka W.D.P - Segula 




Misaruka W.D.P - Calling




Misaruka - L'oiseau Blue 




Misaruka - The Butterfly Effect




Misaruka - Zakuro 





Misaruka - World's End




Misaruka - Pathetique





Misaruka - Violet





Misaruka - Unacceptable





Misaruka - Separate





Misaruka - Kono Sakura Ga Mai Chitte Yuku Koro Ni





Misaruka - SIN (New Version -2015-)


Edited by Serox
When I have time I will add the finishing touches! ;D

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