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Two weeks ago, the website Electric Bloom Webzine has interviewed eye about SOSO BREAK THE WALL's debut mini-album "AN TO KAI"! [more info] The album was already released though it has to yet come out on iTunes. It's a short but really interesting interview, I learned a lot from this!


You can read the original interview post here: http://www.electricbloomwebzine.com/2016/10/soso-break-the-wall-interview.html


Q. What’s the story behind the name SOSO BREAK THE WALL?

A. There are a lot of meanings behind it. Simply put, it’s about breaking a variety of walls. Until now and from now on, together with everyone, I want to break many walls about people.


Q. You’re based in Osaka correct? How does the music scene there compare to that of Tokyo?

A. Yes. The way I see it, Tokyo’s [music scene] feels cool while Osaka’s feels passionate. Also, because of the live houses, there’s a scene there.


Q. Before starting this solo project you were the lead vocalist in ‘the brown’. What things did you learn from being in that band that you’re bringing across into SOSO BREAK THE WALL?

A: Since that time felt like a dream, there were a lot of things I didn’t notice then that I can notice now. I want to keep challenging myself.


Q. Your producer Atari.K was also in the brown. When did you two first meet and start writing music together?

A. I first met him in 2006. We met through a member selection site. The moment I first listened to his guitar, it gave me goosebumps. Since then, he became a member right away.


Q. What’s the concept behind AN TO KAI?

A. It’s an album packed with the things I wanted to do right now.


Q. Which artists inspired you the most while making the album?

A. During the brown’s era, there were a lot of comparisons with The Mars Volta. Of course we were very influenced by them. However, as we continued our activities and met all sorts of Japanese artists, our current sound was formed.


Q. Your song Let it die -you and i- is going to be part of the soundtrack for the upcoming PS4 title LET IT DIE. Is it exciting to see your music potentially being heard by such large audience? Are you much of a gamer yourself?

A. I’m very excited. During my student days, there was a time I’d stay home a lot and play games. I love grotesque games like LET IT DIE.


Q. Anything you’d like to say to our readers?

A. I’m looking forward to meeting you all someday!


All credits go to: Electric Bloom Webzine




Now the SOSO BREAK THE  WALL name makes a little more sense haha. It's an interesting concept, I'm curious about how it'll turn out on the music itself.

I _never_ knew anything about those The Mars Volta comparisons... I never really listened to The Mars Volta so I don't know if it really sounds alike. Does it? Should I try listening to them? >_>

Nice interview anyway, so I wanted to share. It's nice that she's aware of overseas fans! I wasn't able to listen to the CD yet since I don't live in Japan and gotta wait until it becomes available on iTunes (what won't take long, according to her), but I'm very excited to listen to it!

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