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Well uhm, I made this topic to show you some stuff I did. I'm really lazy when it comes to drawing or painting but when I do sit down it's hard for me to stop. XD Anyway, these are from 2009, but I just had an idea now to post them here, why not? :) I'm planning to resume drawing/painting soon, hopefully I'll have time and inspiration after the exams.

Enjoy (I guess? xD).


"Watch Her Disappear"

"There's Only Alice"

(these two were made for a Victorian children's literature seminar)


"La Petite Mort"

"It's Only Rock'n'Roll"


Pics are kinda big, so I put them behind links.

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Thanks for the comments everyone, I appreciate them! ^^

Ito: interesting observation! I would've never made that comparison. XD

sai: thanks! I just try to express whatever is on my mind, with whatever I have at hand...so I don't really think about these genre categorizations, but I guess you're kinda right. :)

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Exactly, Expressionism is how I would call it. You paint it as you experience it, that's something I really like. It's so special. I would love to do it but I would need more practice :)

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I'm beginning to paint again, after a long time. Here's what I did today (mixture of watercolor + tempera):


Sleep in the Water


Not 100% satisfied with it but everyone's gotta (re)start somewhere I guess. :D

I only noticed towards the end how it came out unconsciously resembling some of (Voivod drummer) Away's art a little bit.

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