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Lynch. Season is in full swing again, with the release of AVANTGARDE. Given the previews and the release of the FAKE PV alongside their yearly release of album, going into this album, the mentality is the same: This will be another Lynch. Album. You’re going to get the typical Lynch album songs with some new pizzaz thrown in here in there. In other words, expecting anything drastically new is hella silly. Lets get right into it.



Minus the intro, The album kicks off with of course, a “standard” Lynch. Track: Evidence. Its pretty much the upgraded and lower tuned version of Gallows, Moment, Marrow with newer elements to it. The repeating breakdown on this track is just Lynch again nailing and getting better at this metalcore aspect. Hazuki saying “are you fucking ready, GO!!!!” and the instruments getting into it puts a smile on my face and makes me nut several times.


 The chorus and the middle part of the song where it seems as if the band is singing all together (or maybe its just Hazuki’s vocals layered on top of each other), is a nice show of growth and for some reason gives me a warm feeling.  These types of Lynch. songs are  by far my favorite and I’m glad that it took two albums to get another one. It was worth the wait and definitely a highlight/great way to start off the album.


Pledge: If AVANTGARDE was to have another song/PV for promotion, I feel like this would be it. Its definitely a radio-ish type song, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s a very simple track and it too shows Lynch doing new things. The key in which this song is in is abnormal for me to hear Lynch in despite it being one of my personal favorites. The added instruments in the background gives this a much lighter feel than the average Lynch song. Also, same with Evidence, I like ending part where Hazuki (and maybe Co.) is singing the Lalalala part. That warm feeling struck me again haha. A nice follow up.


F.A.K.E: IDC what anyone has to say, this track is BOSS AS FUCK.  Its another typical lynch track but its still engaging as hell. And that break where Akinori does his bass solo and the track explodes





GETS ME ROCKING EVERY TIME. Its AWESOME. I dead ass spend half an hour to 45 mins since this album dropped listening just to this song. This album starting off on the right foot.


DAMNED: I tend not to give too much attention to these 2 minute Lynch. Tracks because I feel like they’re pretty forgettable for the most part and are just made as filler. But…..I’d be lying if I said I rocks with this one. It’s a banger and the breakdown reminds me that of the recent rendition of Im Sick Bcuz Luv u, which too is a behemoth in its own right. Solid track.


UNELMA: This is the fresh track of the album. I can’t tie this to any of their previous material, which is great. Its super rockin, and gives off an old-ish vk vibe but modernized in the bands style. Reo and Yusuke really shine here, especially on the chorus and solo.  When Lynch. want’s to/can, they can really breathe in some new life into their discography, this is a clear indication of that. I’d love to see what they could do with more tracks of this nature.




PHANTOM: Another pretty fresh track, where I can’t tie this to previous material. From the jump this track got me with chills running down my spine. Again both Guitarists shine brightly here. Yusuke’s Delay effect in the beginning and throughout the guitar is the backbone of this song and helps give it that dark and eerie feel. Reo’s solo is just…..Oh man…I can’t




 This is a straight, bonafide gem right here. I can actually envision Hazuki wearing a mask or something while performing this. I want to see this shit live. It’s the best song on the album.


KILLING CULT:  Perfect follow up from Phantom. Its fun, new, still on the really dark side but also sinister. The bridge puts you in this kind of hazy-ish feel which is soooo cool and Hazuki’s vocals play such a huge part in this. Actually, Hazuki shines a lot in this track for some reason.  Its nice to see him use his voice in ways that I’m so used to hearing it when it comes to the typical Lynch songs. This track is another one that I can’t wait to see live. I have a feeling it will be 10x more enjoyable. Great track.


PRAYER: This is where the album gets a lil iffy for me. This track just gives off the vibe that it was done just to fill space. Its more or less another rendition of a track that they have on the same album, FAKE….and it’s the inferior version. It’s Very forgettable. Nothing more to see here.


NEEDLEZ: Another forgettable song, that I don’t wanna waste time on typing about.


THE OUTRAGE SEXUALITY: Ahhh….ok. Another typical 2 minute Lynch song that I wanted to disregard but I ended up liking. I feel like it could do without the chorus. But still, nothing spectacular that id go back to.


FAREWELL: I’m not a big fan of this song, largely because it reminds me off of one of those songs off of IBIM, which alongside most of the album, I found to be boring. BUT it makes sense as a closer at least to me. Nothing really going on here too to be honest.


In general, this album did what it was supposed to. It catered to people who know Lynch for doing what Lynch does. And It caters to those who want to see the band do something different.  As for how the album flowed, I believe it started off great and kept a solid consistency in regards to what it was supposed to do as a Lynch album. But the end bit really harmed it in my eyes. Besides those tracks, I really enjoyed this album.  If I had to rank it in the cluster of albums they’ve been dropping yearly, it easily falls second to D.A.R.K which I believe is the best thing they’ve done since signing to King records.

When including all of the songs this gets a solid 7.5/10

Take out the end bit : 9.5/10

Now give me a live DVD you SOB’s.


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So basically this would've gotten a 9.5/10 if it were a mini album?

For some reason I can sort of agree with this in a general sense, I feel like a lot of lynch. albums would benefit from removing some filler tracks and I'm sure this one is no different, without having tried it yet.


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40 minutes ago, NICKT said:

The pictures and gifs make this cringe. What the fuck am I on, Tumblr?

To be honest, I wasn't really always fond of this format but to come into possible consensus with our community, I personally think that this so-called "Tumblr format" (which is given since most of us seemed to escape chat/active posting premises and delved into the jolly world of tumblr instead) may be one of the few options when it comes to conveying "bright, expressive" views on certain product instead of emulating aspiring reviewer journo formats in their dry, lethargic glory from Sputnikmusic circles or w/e you can come up with. We are not supposed to play professionals' game here - we are different peeps of different hobbyist degrees so there should not be any given "expectation" for us in all honesty.


Ironically enough I resonate better with the latter group I noted but understand...we are given *widely acceptable* freedoms to choose any review format really. 


It's of course good to see enthusiasm and so on but as with most members, I could only wish for audible progression instead of having to witness the  Foo Fighters of Japancore, to put it bluntly (get the reference).

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AVANTGARDE is a tricky one to review lol


Tempos are crazy for the most part, and yet the composition has little changed (from D.A.R.K.), besides the fact that they have combined old styles of play into some of the tracks.

Fine by me haha.



Not only were they heavier in guitar play, but drumming is versatile, with constant changes in tempo. It was like listening to a freestyle from these guys; all I could focus on was the music.

As it should be. I don't want my mind to go elsewhere right now.


The one track I LOVED TO DEATH was PHANTOM.

I can't put into words how this track is levels beyond anything on this album (or any ballad this year).

Choosing to slow down a ballad as much as they possibly could, and throw in elements that reminded me of MELANCHOLIC, my favorite track from D.A.R.K. is just goddamn.

Thank god I listened to the Lossless copy of this, as I would have missed the detail in Hazuki's voice, as he struggles against his breath, yet his words come out so smooth. His tone of voice is famous for purposely sounding so mellow and lifeless, yet there's emotion in every word he speaks.

The way the guitar cords drift off into what feels like a cold and eerie void; so far, that you can just picture yourself watching them travel further and further away until they almost disappear from your sight, and then being picked back up by the drums in an instant.

I'm going to sing along to this for a long time.


Overall, I enjoyed listening to AVANTGARDE, tapping my foot numerous times to a # of tracks.

My first listen late at night couldn't have been a better time.

Catchy songs are catchy, I'm sorry haha.

D.A.R.K. blows this album out of the water (my review of it exists), but there really is no competition needed.

I'm enjoying their current music direction, and whether or not their next work will sound completely different is not really something to be concerned about.

These guys love doing what they do, and that makes me happy.



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I have to mention this album sounds orgasmic when blasted at max volume lol

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