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46 minutes ago, YuyoDrift said:

lol I just gotta share this




Holy fuck, your addiction has gone too far if you're playing at church.

I mean I hear church is boring, but c'mon lol.


I think you got this the wrong way round. Your justice system and your religion are messed up, if you can incriminate, arrest and imprison people for swiping over 10x5 cm touchscreens. Honestly capturing a poliwag is probably one of the least harmful things happening in church ... :P

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That really is ridiculous. To treat someone playing a children's game on their phone as a criminal is just overt abuse of power and disgusting cherry picking of law codes.  Maybe they are using this because the don't like the content he posts outside of the church about the church, from what the article implies..., when they claim he is "inciting hatred" but it definitely sounds the other way around to me. They are being intolerant af. 

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