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SELLING VK CD Collection, Pamphlets and Photobooks

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Since all of this only catches dust bunnies on my shelves, I decided to sell quite a couple of items of my  JRock collection.
If you need pictures or more details on certain items are needed, please don't be shy to contact me.
There are no price tags on purpose. If you are interested in an item, drop me a (private) message, preferably with an offer. I am willing to negotiate, of course!

Everything will be shipped from Germany, you get to chose the method of course, and payment will be accepted in € only. Via PayPal or bank transfer within Europe.

Thanks ♥



  • Photoset 
  • Checkie on hold


Alice Nine

  • Niji no yuki /w DVD Type A
  • Jewels /w DVD
  • Mirror Ball /w DVD Type A
  • Mirror Ball /w DVD Type B
  • Hana /w DVD Type B
  • Hana /w DVD Type A
  • Tsubasa /w DVD Type A
  • Rainbows /w Photobook (Type A)
  • Crossgame /w DVD Type A + Hiroto Trading Card 
  • Fantasy /w DVD [the case is broken in 2, but the DVD is good as new]




  • sug life



D’espairs Ray:

  • Liquidize limited ed box


Dir en grey

  • Deadly Claris Vol. 2 Pamphlet
  • Dozing Green
  • Agitated Screams of Maggots
  • ryoujoku no ame
  • Ain't afraid to die
  • Clever Sleazoid



  • Zipang w/ DVD




  • et(al) PSC Carnival 2009 DVD lmtd




  • Itoshii hito / Dear my friend w/ DVD Type B
  • Sakihokoru hana no you ni / Kabuki boiz w/ DVD Type B
  • subarashikikana ,konosekai -WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD- w/ DVD Type B
  • hi no hikari sae todokanai kono basho de w/ DVD
  • Torture w/ DVD
  • Ahead of the light w/ DVD
  • What’s my name World Tour 2011 Pamphlet
  • Je vous souhaite un bon anniversaire Photobook
  • Neo Tokyo Samurai Black World Tour Pamphlet
  • Gakincho Photobook
  • Rock & Read Vol. 18 (Miyavi et al.)
  • The Beginning of Neo Visualizm Tour 2007 DVD
  • The Beginning of Neo Visualizm Tour 2007 - Final - DVD
  • The Iz The Original Samurai Style DVD
  • Neo Tokyo Samurai Black World Tour Vol. 1 Limited DVD Box /w USB bracelet




  • Horizon w/ DVD




  • various Trading cards
  • Blur Type B



Also, various Tour-Shirts.

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