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Hi! my name is Victor and i`m from Concepcion, Chile.

I started to sing because i was crazy by all the J-rock music when i was a child, and that influence into make rock right now. Kyo, Garaa and Hyde are my all life senpais.

My bandmates dont are j-rock fans, but that dont cares because we have so much musical groove and we respect the others influences, the great thing is make cool music.

We release our debut album in the last month called "Abraxas" and is for streaming worldwide in Spotify, Deezer, Itunes and more. 

All the music is in our band page





And here is the lyric video from the single  from the album, called "naraka"


432 single "NARAKA"


Well, enjoy it guys! Greetings from Chile :)

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Wah. This is pretty good!  Tight and nice production. Singer has that Yama-B from Galneryus roughness going on. Keep at it!

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This is fucking great. Great sound, songwriting, and vocals... I love it. 


I like that you're not in a band with other VK fans. During my band days I never even let my bandmates know what VK was, because I didn't want them to be influenced by the same stuff I was and end up with a generic/derivative sound. You bringing your Vk influenced angle to music that otherwise isn't has exciting possibilities and I loved that song. Keep up the good work!! 

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