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The Reverend

Crow Music All Cast Gold Rush @ Osaka Muse 2016.06.05

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(Do people like reading live reports like I do?? Even if not... you're getting another one. Maybe someday someone will be browsing the forums wondering 'is Archemi. any good live?' and now they'll have the opinions of a goofy white dude to answer that question.)


So I actually planned to take the weekend off from Vk shows while I was in Osaka... but then I was buying a few things at Puresound and I saw a little add near the cashier advertising a free concert. I can't pass up a good deal! Of course I had no idea how to ask in Japanese "can I still get a ticket two hours before the show/are any left?" But the friendly cashier basically got what I meant when I pointed at the sign and smiled dumbly.


Kill some time shopping and eating the various local specialties (mmmmm takoyaki) and we're off to Osaka Muse for Crow Music's Gold Rush 2016.




Something I've never seen at a rock club before.... Muse is completely carpeted! Big red and black checkerboard carpeting, and you're allowed to bring your drinks into the main floor area. Seems bold!


So I had ticket 292 of 350 (I doubt they were given out in order since the bands and different stores had them) and that's probably actually a pretty good guess for how full the venue was; 'full' when everyone had a little space, but you could've packed 50 more in there. I, of course, took up a position near the back against the wall. I'd really hate to be blocking someone's view who was a fan of one of these bands (I've really only ever heard Holyclock, though I know that Archemi and Diealo have members from Bioshphia.) And I have no idea when the crowd is going to start running/jumping from side to side and don't want to get knocked over by a bunch of tiny Japanese girls.


Holyclock - I have a new VK crush. The vocalist was wearing a sort of white kimono/gold sari hybrid, had a bunch of jet black hair worn straight down in front, and had a very sultry, elegant stage presence. From my vantage point in the rear he definitely just looked like a beautiful Persian woman. He also never headbanged (or screamed but once or twice), rather he danced and writhed around to the beat. His sexiest move was when he pointed at an audience member and then just barely grazed his lips with his finger... Alright, I'll stop fangirling over here. Holyclock do what I kind of think of as more 'adult' VK. It's standard stuff, just with a little art-kei and smarts tossed in to keep me interested. The guitarists had a good rapport on stage, often joining up for some back-to-back playing when one was soloing or switching sides seamlessly. The most unfortunate part of their set was the support bassists green extensions which looked like yarn the way they were braided. He looked like he was having a ton of fun playing with them though, so I'm not mad.


Between sets I noticed a few of the girls in the crowd had brought tiny, fold-flat stools to sit on during the breaks. No fair! I wish I had a little seat.


Archemi. - singer came out in a kimono (or not a kimono, but something like the summer coats with really big sleeves) and had writing all over his outfit. Archemi. do what I can only describe as slightly spiritual (?) infused heavy-ish VK. As someone else mentioned on M-H recently... if I pay attention to this band it's mostly for the bassists long green hair. His bass playing was pretty solid too, his sound always came through crisp even though I worry about that sometimes when a bassist doesn't use a pick. 


I liked the song where it sounded like the vocalist just repeating 'kumbaya' for the chorus.  During one song you could feel the floor shaking as the girls were jumping up and down in unison (Muse in on the fourth floor of a building rather than the basement). I assume their drummer was a support drummer (though Archemi. did not thank him as Holyclock did their support members) because he was wearing a black hoodie and little makeup.


Props to the slightly older (still younger than me, heh) dude smack dab in the middle of the crowd rocking out with his extremely tall girlfriend (seriously she was probably 6 feet tall in flats... I bet the VK bitches hate seeing her at shows).


I wonder if the vocalists arm/hand tattoos were real. I feel like that makes an even bigger "I will never have certain jobs" statement in Japan than it does in the US.


Revine - the curtain opened on Revine and the vocalist was standing behind a custom lectern holding a sword in one hand over his head and its sheath in the other. Their intro music was heavy enough on air raid sirens, and saluting, and they had a rising sun flag onstage... was I supposed to feel a little awkward during this?


Anyway their music was heavier than I expected when I saw them wearing matching purple suits. The singer probably lost some connection with the crowd by standing behind that lectern for half the set (though I thought it was practical and a bit hilarious that he actually kept a bottle of water back there). He also overused shouting through a bullhorn... I've never really liked that in VK and Revine didn't change my mind about that.


The highlight of their set for me was the drummer keeping himself entertained in various ways behind his kit. During one song he was throwing his head almost 90 degrees to either side for each bar and then playing the next one with his head pointing the other way.


Diealo - Basically Biosphia 2.0 as far as I could tell. Enjoyable but kind of mindless. The kind of band where you'll be like "they're fun" but never "they're one of my faves". Vocalists pants seemed like dangerously low rise.


And then the show was over by about 8pm! Pretty awesome experience for a free concert. And I need to check Holyclock out more seriously... and not only because the vocalist was pretty but because they had some good tunes too.



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i remember there was hype back in the day (last year who am i kidding) that holyclock were like...the new heirs to art kei. that never materialized and they're as good of a bet as like...belle or something, but that first album was actually decent. the persian girl comment about the vocalist killed me omfg


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Yay Archemi.! Spiritual Is a nice way of putting it. Felt rather cult-ish with all the praying furi they have. But I really enjoyed them when i saw them back in April. The bassist is also previously from Zodia if you remember them.


I'll have to give Holyclock a chance, I can't remember if I ever heard them or not before. Name is familiar so maybe.


Awesome report. Do you have more concerts planned? 

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