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I got in a REALLY big drawing kick tonight. I actually completely lost track of time lol one minute the clock says 11 pm and then I glance away from the clock for a minute to draw some more... and the clock says 1 am!


I did some stuff in the usual cutsey weird style.


Sherlotta from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time.




King Dedede from Kirby... Though I assume most people know that lol


I also did a style I have not done in a bit.



A Lilty from Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. The only thing about this Lilty though is that I gave him more plant like features, because even though Lilty very much so look like plant people to me, I kinda exaggerated it with the leaves and such.


And then, I decided to give drawing without using any lines really a try again! I want to practice this a bit more tomorrow, because it's already 2 am my time lol



Kirby from... Kirby lol




On 5/14/2017 at 9:46 AM, Machayume said:

Your art style is so cute ! I love the way you give life to your designs. You're really skilled ! 


Thank you!

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I know I JUST posted in here, but I REAAAALLY like how my artist friend's birthday drawing came out.....






The person drawn here is Doopiedoover! She is super sweet and a really good artist. I highly recommend checking her out, if you havnt already!

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Have a little art dump I suppose.





I redrew a little joke drawing I did two years ago involving rolling the king's balls.




Another redraw I did, also of a drawing from two years ago.



And the last one I will dump here... it's Pico!


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LOL oops! Most of the stuff I shared on here was from my twitter or tumblr, which are both gone now for privacy reasons, but I made new ones... basically just added THE in front of everything now. So, it's TheArtsyFartsyMolly on just about everywhere now lol


Here are some new things and styles I've been messing with lately.


Here is one style I've been using a lot, and have posted a lot lately here already lol



Esna from Ever Oasis~ I love her~~~~



The cousin Ichigo from Katamari.



A VERY derpy Tails the fox.



A little redraw of a drawing I did last year of Princess Peach.


This is the other style I tried today... it's not different really besides the eyes are done differently.



Blue Diamond from Steven Universe.


I also tried to do Ib from... Ib.... in this slightly different style.

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