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The Reverend

[Review] Srash Notes Garden - Female EP

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If I do this again I feel like I'll need a cool name for the series.... suggestions are welcome!


This video ends slightly abruptly because my phone ran out of space about 30 seconds before I was done! You're not missing any essential insight haha.


(And at least one more time... shoutout to jrocknyc shoutbox-er Ken who did some ride along reviews/reflections on VK that I'm shamelessly copying)

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EDIT: watched now and LOL, thanks for the shout-out, man!


I really agree with you. I think they are more to an indie-rock band than vk in everything, even the looks... And that's a great thing, I really thought they had what it takes to go big on the mainstream, maybe they've chosen the wrong audience, I don't know.


And that's exactly what I love about hatch. It's hard to say that he is a great vocalist, technically speaking. But he is really honest, he really tries. There's feeling in his singing, and that's A LOT when talking vk.


I think Female E.P. is really a great showcase of their sound. You go all ranges, from sweet pop-rock to a nice banger. 4 GEMS. A great choice for your first on the road review!


lame names suggestions:


Rev's VK on the road

Riding along with Jrock


Keep up the videos, man!





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