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[Suggestion] Themed Dubtrack Sessions

Themed Dubtrack Sessions  

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Well, yesterday we were on Dubtrack when I suddenly came with the idea of asking everyone to do a themed session. We would play only bands who disbanded already. Almost 10 people joined us and we had tons of feelings on the session, it's always cool to listen to old songs from our fav bands that isn't active anymore.


It would work just like Plug.DJ Sessions from before, BUT...on Dubtrack lol


We could choose 1 day in a month (or 1 in a week...weekends are better~) and call everyone to a session :)


Well, that's basically it ^~^

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^ As plastic_rainbow has linked, the official dubtrack thread is where we discuss any sessions, including themed ones. I've tried to bring that back up but there wasn't any reaction to it. That's what the Sunday sessions are for: an official session of usually themed sessions. That has slowed down since dub had to take over from plug, but I'm very pleased to see interest being spoken of. You should feel free to post any theme ideas in the thread as it has been used for (we've even spoken about discography/movie nights), and do so whenever. We keep an updated list of already done themes/upcoming themes/TBA themes. I'll bring that back up here and there again for you.




Upcoming theme:


Completed themes:


Male & Female Vocalists 

Female Vocalists

Soundtrack music



Cover songs

Live Music


Visual Kei only

Kpop only

Hip Hop/Rap

post rock/shoegaze/math rock

Drag and LGBT

Female Vocalist p.2



Extreme metal



Themes still under consideration:


International / Non-Japanese only

"Ugly" voices

"Sexy" voices

Soundtrack music p.2


Hard rock / Metal 

Experimental / Avant Garde

Shoegaze / Post-Rock

Extreme Metal

Bossa Nova / Lounge music

Youtube Covers




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