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[Lyrics+Translation] DADAROMA - 「螺子」[neji]

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抜け落ちたネジ 埋めようと夜に溺れ

また明けた朝 まぶしいから目を閉じた





今でも 誰かに重ねてる


大人になった あなたを前に

未熟な愛は 何も言えず

ただ 俯いていた

さよならなんて 離れるなんて

認めたくない それでも






今夜も 誰かに重ねてる


花を添えた窓辺に 雨が注ぐ

あの日が 今でも 今でも






asayake orenji ni somaru sora

boku wa mada nemurenai

tonari de neru hadaka no sore ni

ai wa nakute


nukeochita neji   umeyou to yoru ni obore

mata aketa asa   mabushii kara me wo tojita


anata ga boku ni nokoshita

‘kako’ koukai ga kienai

nuritsubusu koto mo dekizu

ima demo   dareka ni kasaneteru


otona ni natta   anata wo mae ni

mijuku na ai wa   nani mo iezu

tada   utsumuiteita

sayonara nante   hanareru nante

mitometakunai   sore demo

anata wa senaka de kotaeta ne


anata ga boku ni nokoshita

‘gomen ne’ ga ima demo azayaka de

nemurenai boku wa hitori

konya mo   dareka ni kasaneteru


hana wo soeta madobe ni   ame ga sosogu

ano hi ga   ima demo   ima demo






The sky is dyed orange with the first rays of sunlight, and yet still I can’t sleep

There’s no love in that empty space beside me


Whenever I try to fasten the loose screw I end up drowning in the night

Dawn has come again, but it’s too bright so I close my eyes


My regret for the past will not disappear

I can’t fill that hole you left me with

Even now I can’t forget you


Standing before you, I couldn’t tell you how much I love you

So I just hung my head in shame

I don’t want to accept that it’s over

But you gave me your answer when you showed me your back


That ‘sorry’ you left me with remains vivid even now

Tonight again I’m alone and can’t sleep

I can’t forget you


Rain pours against the window, adorned by a lone flower

I can’t forget that day

Even now…

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