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Ever had an artist reply to you online?

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- Kyouka (Insanity Injection) replies in twitter + instagram

- Pietoro (ex. David:Shito'al) replies at ameblo

- Asaki (Guniw Tools),Kazuma  (gibkiy), ‎Yuta Kurata (ex.PLASTICZOOMS) and the K (101A) likes my photos and send B'day wishes to me at FB 

- Dada (VE) some messages about music long time ago 

- Moon Kana favourited my tweet.



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i've had ryuya, daiki, and hiroto reply to me via twitter dm......... and that's all i need tbh


they probably think i'm really weird

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I'm currently in contact with seine (ex-Visnu/Masquerade/Stella Maria/Haijin Kurobarazoku).

I've had conversations with Western artists too (We Are the Ocean, Adept, Outline In Color, ...), but seine is the only Japanese artist who ever replied.

Oh and Shinya saw my instagram message, but well... no idea if it was him or staff lol

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On ‎24‎-‎3‎-‎2016 at 11:54 PM, BrenGun said:

some artist like everything...

nya...never had real contact or replies with any real famous artist.

and for me smaller bands don't count because its not that special. XD

However if you count the smaller vkei bands.


The only interesting guy for me is Hibiki (ex.Calmando Qual)
He broke his silence towards me last June~August?  semi-follows me on twitter. And since after my Tokyo vacation of last year, he opened up to me more.

so let's see where that strange "friendship?" will lead too.  


However it's easy to talk to bandman who are lesser popular, they reply 99% of all the time. 

But I pretty much lost interest to give vkei bandman attention. Because their words are filled with lies anyway. o.o 



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Sutari ex. La Cen Zhow and I had a small conversation about this one band in the early 90's that was called Dir & Gray (way before the Lareine song or the band we know today came) because he named his Dir en Grey "Copyband" Dorian Gray lol. He was really cool, but my friend, who is friends with Sutari, had to translate everything for us. 

Also, Karuna from Kimi wa Surudoku follows my instagram, but I don't think that's too special since he seems to follow anyone who follows him. 

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I guess so... spoke with:


Yayoi (Vice risk)

Yukika (Ains)

Kikyo (La'veil Mizeria)

Misa (Da'vid shito:aL)
Pietoro (Da'vid shito:aL)

Yayoi (MIRAGE)

Tatsuya (Syndrome)

Kyouka (Aliene Ma'riage)
Kyohei (Das:vasser)



On different SNS (mainly twitter and ameba (back when people used it)) but some on Facebook as well)).


I've met some people irl as well:


Yayoi (Vice risk)

Kenzi (Anti feminism)

Yukika (Ains)*

All of Grieva*

All of Kuroyuri to kage

Saku and Akane from Gossip*

All of La'veil Mizeria

The guys from The dead popstars

One of the dudes from THE PIASS

One guy from a really old Anarchist records band (cant remember the name now)

The vocalist of DEATH*RABBITS

Yuuga (Devil Kitty)*


* Only walked past each other though


Probably forgetting a few people, being in Japan obviously makes all this much easier.

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Once I had a short tweet exchange with Soundhead's guitarist (guy was happy I was listening to their song). Aside from that, all I ever got was Fuma liking my tweet, and Chisa liking my drawing (also on Twitter). Though I'm not really trying to talk to artists. XD

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I had some kind of daily contact with that one guy from ANUBIS/EMIRU, but our contact got suddenly stopped.

I'd assume it had something to do with his arrest lol

Frankly he messaged me again me again like a year later.


Other then that, minor talk with IKUYA from TI+DEE, and some others i forgotten.


Oh, and that yabuki guy


He's quite cool tbh.

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