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Youtube pages of bandomen (separate from promotional/commercial purposes)

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As we all know, various bands have their own Youtube pages for commercial/promotion purposes - but what about bandomen/members of these bands having their own youtube pages, where they'd post something almost irrelevant to their respective bands' songcraft / actual promotion purposes? As with that instagram thread you have noticed lately, post speficic youtube urls of your fav. bandomen's "separate work" (or semi-personal stuff) here, for instance:


Shou (Alice Nine)


(Classical/Flamenco covers w/ piano & guitars*, random comps, specific self-covers and random goofy videos)

*yes, he's a multi-instrumentalist!


Tora (Alice Nine)


(Only two self-covers so far)


Junichi Konno (Karasu (not the vk band - the indie rock Karasu))



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Kakeru from Scarlet Valse has one for random karaoke covers:



choro from Jeepta started one for guitar lessons:



He also has a series with English subtitles on his other channel about how to play Risoukyou:



u-ya from THREE LIGHTS DOWN KINGS started one for self covers:


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Naru from Diealo has a private channel where he posts videos of himself and his former bandmembers and friends doing karaoke. He had a pretty good Luna Sea cover, but I can't find the link.

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Shin from ALSDEAD also has a channel where he plays guitar

Also I forgot to mention, Sizna has a channel dedicated to his cat. Actually most of his social media is dedicated to his cat Dura 

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