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Tanuki rumors (about vk artists)

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She probably believes that the fandom happened entirely through osmosis, where Patient Zero Weeb went to Japan, bought thousands of cds and DVDs, then moved back to their home country and spread the VK virus to all of the friends they could show it to, who all did the same thing. Like some bizarre chain letter.


You know, kind of like what Dada believes, but with a random weeb spreading it around instead of Kiwamu.

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Oh another active Tanuki thread!! Yay!! I love threads like this cuz I'm a sucker for gossip lololololol


But i guess this started out a bit un-wholesome? I see people still lurk around the tumblr translating tanuki mistresses lololololol


But on a side note, I saw from the first posts about Tanuki speculations and such coming true and I wanted to shed some light on that part:


 I can't remember the name of this tanuki translating tumblr, but when SCREW disbanded and I was heart-broken as fuck, I messaged one of the few mistresses in tumblr that were still active and asked about them. 


Please ignore the Manabu part since we all know that he recently came back to play as a support guitarist for Sarshi of Hero lololol but, if you read on the bottom they stated there that in Tanuki there were rumours about Jin joining Nihilizm and somehow, that's rather close to what's happened now! Byou and Jin made a band with former members of Nihilizm Iru and Quina and seriously, I somewhat forgot about this ask since as ya'll can see that was 3 years ago but, in a way, like everyone says, just take the words there in Tanuki with a grain of salt and a lot of skepticism.


Most of the time, I read Tanuki for the juicy gossips I can use for fanfic writing lol the rest is just to know how the members are and if their band were to separate, I'd like some smol updates if they're going to continue on with music or not ouo I remember this message I got and how happy I was and hopeful that I'll still get to support Jin in music (he's my inspiration for trying to continue to be a muscisian even tho I know it's a very bleak career path lol). And maybe alittle sad in those days cuz I was too shy to message them more info and if there were talks if Jin and Byo would still be together XD  (cuz of course my fujoshi yaoi loving ass wants my OTP to still be together ya'll)


So yeah anyways, somewhat wholesome? reply to this thread cuz I love how this person helped me out in that small translation of where JIn is heading and it really made me happy back then ouo

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