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X JAPAN will temporarily pause activities

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I think we hear Toshi's voice in the trailer?
I still think Toshi's lost / brainwashed years as a 'healing singer' makes the most compelling story of all of the X members. He can back from all that and his biography made it sound like he went through hell and back. Whereas the passing of Yoshiki's father - how much can Yoshiki / the film director milk the tragedy as being the genesis of every little thing X has done as a band?

Here's the link to that Yoshiki AMA. It might be the least insightful one I've ever read:


Can you imagine the rest of the band doing Pata's guitar parts?! Sugizo, maybe, but Yoshiki?!

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Man, I was shocked during the AMA (don't know why) when Yoshiki revealed that Pata hadn't even finished tracking his guitars for the album yet.


Which confirmed mine and many others' theory that the album was not finished and not going to come out in March regardless of Pata taking ill. 


During the AMA I asked Yoshiki when we were going to see Violet UK get released, considering I was waiting on it back in middle school and I'm fuckin 30 now. Didn't answer, of course.

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I can wait, I just want Pata to recover fully.  I hope they will still do the concert next year, because it means I may have a shot at actually making it.


Excited about the documentary.  Plus, the new GACKT album next month will help hold me over :D

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