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PS COMPANY LIVE DVD "攻撃ハ最大ノ防御ナリ。-OFFENSE IS THE BEST DEFENSE- ~2015.04.05 オリンパスホール八王子~" (Kougeki wa Saidai no Bougyo nari. -OFFENSE IS zabesuto DEFENSE- ~2015. 04. 05 Olympus Hall Hachiouji~) has been available for ordering through his official webshop. (6500 yens)


Tracklist :



01. ヨクバリーゼ (Yokubaliese)

02. Day×By×Day


[the LOTUS]

01. A.P.O

02. Grace




02. ケミカルロマンス (Chemical Romance)


[花見桜幸樹 (Hinamizakura Kouki)]

01. 雪国 (Yukiguni)

02. アイラブ東京 (I Love Tokyo)


[テキーラ東京 (Tequila Tokyo)]

01. Kung-Fu Lady

02. 恋ポタージュ (Koi Potage)



01. 「夢」~ムゲンノカナタ~ (Yume~Mugen no Kanata~)

02. Winding Road】


[やまぴかりゃー (Yamapikarya)]

01. アメリカン・ショートヘア (American Short Hair)

02. ねこまっしぐら (Nekomasshigura)



01. Barbed wire



[ダウト (D=OUT)]

01. 感電18号 (Kanden 18-gou)

02. フェンダー (Fender)



01. White White White

02. Kick Kick Kick



01. Shyな君へ (Shy na Kimie e)



01. 不思議な世界からの招待状 (Fushiginasekai kara no Joutaijou)

02. エキストラキングダム (Extra Kingdom)


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Except for BORN, this setlist is boring as fuck. RAVE is the only PSC band worth a listen nowadays. Kra, SCREW and Dauto became boring after their last line-up changes.

I agree your reply.

Only RAVE could listen.

Other bands sounds boring.

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