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Have a release that you'd like to see reviewed by the Official Reviewers ('ORz' for short)? Simply list it here and one of our members will see if we can get to it. Here are some simple guidelines to follow when submitting a request.

  • Your request must be by a Japanese artist
  • Your request can be an album, mini album, or single
  • Your request does not have to be new. You can submit a request from any year.
  • Please leave your request in the following format (Artist - Release Title - Release Date)
  • Please submit only requests for releases that haven't been previously reviewed by ORz members.
  • Please remember that ORz are not obligated to fulfill every request.

The Official Reviewers (ORz) are:

@Peace Heavy mk II

Feel free to leave us any questions or concerns!

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Requesting a review of Susumu Hirasawa - The Man Climbing the Hologram / ホログラムを登る男 (2015.10.09)

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I wanna see someone review Galileo Galilei's new album Sea and Darkness that just came out 2016/01/27! not only is it a great album, but it's also their last album before they disband, so I think it would be neat and relevant to do a review.

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