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THE BLACK SWAN - OUSIA-dispersed- Jin's booklet comment

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—2015, Early August


Since the formation of this band, I produced over half the band’s musical compositions in a fair number of songs.


But personally, in the songs I wrote, I was unable to break away from the shell of “myself.”


That’s why I always preferred the songs of the other members, which were created “outside my shell.”


I don’t really understand music theory. I know almost nothing about chords and scales.


The songs I made myself were simply melodies “singing” inside me that I threw into a computer and rearranged.


Up to this very moment, the sounds I began to hear, complexly intertwined, weave into a new “sound.”


This is the first time in my musical career that I was able to make a song that broke me out of my own “shell.”


At that moment, that roughly 10 minute track came forth from the person I`ve been until now, in a song more beautiful that any other, a song uglier than any other.




That song sought the “true nature” of people and the world.


I`ve done many things that I would call “evil” until now.


Not in issues of legality, I don`t mean that level; but morally, ethically, indirectly, we hurt others in many ways, living while struggling with each other.


The worth of “right and wrong” take form in the flow of the era, in the end leaving us clueless to what`s “true.”


If “the acts of hurting one another” are equally evil, then in the world there would be no “justice.”


World Wars, family quarrels, aren`t the roots of these the same?


The boundaries of right and wrong vary from person to person, and these boundaries change depending on the time.


People are painted as black or white, but in this world there`s no such things as purely “white” or completely “black,” is there?


This world is inconsistent.


In this “inconsistency,” could there be such a thing as the “true nature” of people? Of the world?


In this album, various “contradictions” overflow.


It’s true of the artists photos, of the music video.


When facing the aspect of “inconsistency,” “sex” was the one thing that stood out.


Essentially, sex is should be done for “love,” for leaving descendants, for instinct… .


However, humans can still have sex without love, or use contraception. I think the biggest contradiction imposed on sex is the world portrayed in “RUVISH.”


Whether you turn on the TV or go online, the modern age is overrun with sad news from all over the world.


Even in this seemingly peaceful country of Japan, if you really look at others, you’ll find them overwhelmed by the things muddled up inside them.


For example, “bullying” will probably be more cruel than the saddest world news in the eyes of a young boy who has been the victim of such an act.


When people are alive, they are touched by many things, embraced by many emotions.


Within that, the feeling of “losing” that makes you want to avert your eyes is a starting point for your self expression, a nucleus.


To “live” I must be aware of “death,” for the sake of a faint “hope,” I sing of “despair.”


If this song of “contradiction” of mine can help someone, then perhaps I can start to find the value of this existence I refer to as “myself.”


“OUSIA-dispersed-” is going to be handed out for free, and by doing so I hope it will build anticipation for the album “OUSIA,” set to be released this spring.


Within The Black Swan, “OUSIA” has yet to be completed.


Rather, I want the “true nature” of the completed edition to be upheld as you listen to this ”OUSIA-dispersed-.”




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Yo, I love TBS and JIN, but OUSIA (the song) is in no way “breaking out of his shell.” Part of the middle breakdown, or w/e it's called, is straight up lifted from 虚しき「生」の寓意≒「死」の真意 lol

I mean, I'm into it!―he can write the same 12 minute song every year and I'll love it each time―but I hope he keeps striving for something that's actually new, 'cause this ain't it

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