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Hello everyone.


Rather than introduce myself as a person, I will introduce myself as a company.


V STAR PROMOTION, is currently a small company/organization based in Japan with the following main goals and purposes:

-to reduce the gap between Japanese bands and foreign fans

-provide foreign fans with more access to Japanese bands

-promote Japanese bands to foreign fans


V STAR PROMOTION is not a label, nor is it a news company, however V STAR PROMOTION will provide English updates and information for connected bands.


Currently V STAR PROMOTION has a twitter, facebook as well as a youtube channel.

On the twitter and facebook you can read updates and see live photography, and on the youtube channel you can watch English comments from bands recorded in connection to V STAR PROMOTION.


Twitter: @vstarpromotion

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VSTARPROMOTION/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOdDpLNLoOUeupNpXlxrAbQ


However, beyond this V STAR PROMOTION is currently working on several other projects which will hopefully be announced in the near future.


With everyone’s support we would like to bring Visual Kei closer to foreign fans.


Thank you

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Thank you for your support.


I plan to use this thread to also post updates and news regarding V STAR PROMOTION as well as associated bands and artists.


I believe that Monochrome Heaven is a brilliant source for both visual kei fans and artists.


So as V STAR PROMOTION I hope to work as part of this community.


Thank you.

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Thank you.


Current minor projects are three sets of live photography to be processed

Rides In ReVellion




Video data for a new comment video is ready to be processed, hopefully that will be uploaded by next week.

However there are also a few other comment videos that are currently being scheduled for filming.


Along with a few bigger (currently) secret projects.

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Bought the first RiR single on itunes and was excited about that... now I just saw that their new release is on google play and amazon as well (and for less than $2!)


I've said it before but I will again: you guys keep releasing stuff digitally so that the fans can get it easily and I'll keep buying it!

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Thank you very much.


In the future hopefully, Not just RiR but any band connected to V STAR will have their music available for legal digital download purchasing.


It is one of the simplest ways to make Visual Kei music more accessible to fans from all around the world.


So with that being said, hopefully in the near future, there will be a higher number of bands releasing their music onto international iTunes.

I am currently in discussion with another new but popular band about releasing their next single onto iTunes, so please keep tuned in for announcements.


and of course, thank you for supporting RiR.

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Awesome! Welcome!


Any plans for a website?


Yes, currently I am trying to organize a website and find the correct staff/volunteers to help maintain it.


The website will have a additional project attached to it which will be announced on a later date, hopefully sometime soon depending on current planning and negotiations. 

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