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Moi dix Mois new album release

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13 hours ago, Jigsaw9 said:


I only have some pics of Deep Sanctuary IV:






Also, I didn't have anything else to do, so I compiled the setlists for the MALICE MIZER sessions so far (dunno if I missed anything). By the way, Közi is the one who always sings on these sessions.


Deep Sanctuary II: 2010.07.17
Saikai no chi to bara (intro music)
What Lurks on Channel X? (Rob Zombie cover)
Beast of Blood


Deep Sanctuary III: 2012.09.02
Hakai no hate
N・p・s N・g・s
Mayonaka ni kawashita yakusoku (instrumental) (outro music)


Deep Sanctuary IV: 2014.10.11
Bois de merveilles (instrumental) (intro music)
N・p・s N・g・s
au revoir (outro music)


Where I wrote "intro music" and "outro music" that means that the guys didn't actually play those themselves, it was just the pre-recorded studio track playing from the speakers while they entered/left the stage. So seems like they do 2 songs on every occasion.


Wow, this needs to be in the form of a DVD release.




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^ Actually, they announced a DVD release for one of the events back in the day (I think it was Deep Sanctuary III), but it somehow got forgotten and never actually released if I remember correctly. xD

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Moi dix Mois will hold their one-man live "Dis inferno XIV~LAST YEAR PARTY~" at Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE at 2016/12/17



ZIZ SET-LIST at 2016/08/07:





Moi dix Mois SET-LIST at 2016/08/07:


SE.Sacred lake
02.front et baiser
03.Beast side
06.Immortal Madness
07.Dead Scape
08.Material Death
09.Ange〜D side holy wings〜
10.Je l'aime
SE.En Lumière



MALICE MIZER session SET-LIST at 2016/08/07:


SE.闇の彼方へ〜(yami no kanata e)
01.Transylvania (Vo.Yu~ki / Gt.Mana / Ba.Közi / support Dr.Hayato)
02.Beast of Blood (Vo.Közi / Gt.Mana / Ba.Yu~ki / support Dr.Hayato)
03.N・p・s N・g・s (Vo.Közi / Gt.Mana / Ba.Yu~ki / support Dr.Hayato)


01.au revoir(instrumental)




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They look so lovely, my holy trinity !!!!

every year I read about the deep sanctuary lives i want to die................ so perfect rip I'd kill to go to one. They could make maaaad money if they released a DVD of this event, seriously.  

Also I had no idea yu~ki was the one who sang Transylvania, that's great!!!! ♥ 


It'd be great if Moi Dix Mois released a new album (not a remake of already perfect songs honestly)...

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