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sukekiyo new 8cm live-limited single "Mimi zozo" (耳ゾゾ)

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Sukekiyo will release a new live-limited single "Mimi Zozo", which will (apparently, actual details yet unknown) include a new track they have played at lives lately. The said single will be sold only during their "宙吊り娘と掃き溜めの詩" tour - dates below:



November 21, 2015 (Saturday), Osaka, Mido Kaikan
November 22, 2015 (Sunday) Osaka, Mido Kaikan
December 2, 2015 (Wednesday), Tokyo International Forum Hall C







source: their twitter


Also, Takumi began to use twitter as well! His introductory tweet by courtesy of kyotaku:



tomorrow is sukekiyo’s performance at Azabu University Festival! And I started using twitter!

Somehow it’s already tomorrow, sukekiyo will perform at Azabu University Festival!
Looking forward to seeing everyone attending and all the students.

It’s an unfamiliar place and we don’t know what will happen, but I want to convey sukekiyo’s atmosphere with music as usual.

I’m really late at this, but finally
I finally

started using twitter!


To tell the truth, I’m not sure yet how does it work!!! (wry laugh)
What and how do I use it…

So, me, who usually listens to Mozart and Bach and music from before 200 or 300 years,
I got left like that carelessly by myself in this era
because I might even become not aware what year it is according to Western Calendar
I want to do my best, so please help me out.

I will continue writing this blog as well
updating leisurely when I have spare time!

Takumi / 匠

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I think an 8cm single is like those singles Dir en Grey released back in the early days that were in the tall cases? That's what I've seen them called anyway. 

But yeah, this is cool! Too bad it's live limited.

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WTF is an 8cm single ?

 Basically, a 8 cm CD is where the disc size is 8 cm instead of (today) standard 12 cm sized disc.



8cm CD to the left, 12 cm (standard size) CD to the right



Fun news, but I guess they want fans to collect all 3 of them since each live has a different cover artwork?

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Wo an 8cm single! I have a little collection of them, in my opinion is the best way to release a single because they are really cool and fun and makes some format differences about an album release.

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