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Plastic Tree new album "剥製(hakusei)" release

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it is announced at Plastic Tree live tour "自由落花(jiyuurakka)" tour final at Toyosu PIT at 2015/10/11 that their new album "剥製(hakusei)" will be released at 2015/12/23 (2 TYPE)


limited edition (5,400yen) will include CD+booklet, and regular edition (3,240yen) will include CD only


[track list]
06.インソムニアブルース(insomnia blues)
09.スラッシングパンプキン•デスマーチ(thrashing pumpkin death march)



btw they will hold their fan-request 2-day one-man live "ゆくプラくるプラ~海月リクエストの夕べ~" at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL at 2015/12/29-12/30


Day 1 - Plastic Tree '95~'04
Day 2 - Plastic Tree '05~'15

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^ you do. Utsusemi, Nega to Poji and Donna Donna are great albums.


I hope this is good! Pura has always been an album band for me, so hopefully they stick to this trend.

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Decided to give their newer albums a listen this morning before work.


Holy crap, if their stuff after "cell." is anything remotely as solid as "ammonite", I have been depriving myself. I am loving "ammonite" so much. It might end up being my favorite album of theirs.


I'll continue listening to their others works but i've also noticed something - this new album release is the longest they've gone releasing an album (if you don't want to count their mini-album 'echo'). Usually they release a new album every year or two.

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oops, I completely forgot about ammonite and Ink too lol hell, even Chandelier was good, although I wasn't a big fan of it when it came out.


As far as albums go, though, Pura's been really solid for at least a decade now imo. Utsusemi and Donna Donna are my personal favorites and what I consider their second peak creatively, but I like all the others almost the same.

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New album called "剥製(hakusei)" contains 2 types <3




[Limited Edition] CD + Special Booklet 5,000 yen




[Regular Edition] 3,000 yen



1. ◯生物
2. フラスコ
3. マイム
4. ハシエンダ
5. 告白
6. インソムニアブルース
7. float
8. 落花
9. スラッシングパンプキン•デスマーチ
10. スロウ
11. 剥製
12. ●静物

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