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The General 'Free Stuff' Thread

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Ended up with a duplicate of 東京カルテット's  脳内戦争 single, and since it seems to be worth absolutely nothing, figured I'd give it away. (Apologies for crappy picture)


For anyone curious as to what they sound like:




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Flyers list updated! (Bolded ones are new!)


Scarlet Valse


Sirokuro (Vercia vo.Ivara ex-band)

MERRY (3 flyers)



Jigsaw (ex-Dispina)

ChainxmaiL (ex-Stigma)



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Someone from Japan "accidentally" (pretty sure they were trolling though) sent me 5 comment DVD's from MEJIBRAY.
All are the same, 2014 Winter ver. (even though the content of the disc itself says 2015 Winter ver.), from Tsuzuku. (3 still available)

Also a "fake" Miya Records bootleg version of Plastic Tree's Hana moete, bourei no namida, tenmaku ni ochiru. ~Live & Clips 2005~ DVD. CLAIMED

Only asking for shipping. Photos available on request (just PM me!). :)

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