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DIV new maxi single "イケナイKISS(ikenai KISS)" release

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Usually I am all about DIV, but this single dialed up the EDM too much for me in the chorus, and it felt like I was watching and listening to a K-Pop group.  I'll hold out for it to grow on me, but I'm hoping there are promising B-Sides.


Given the ammount of Recycled material on Secret, I think the group is plateauing right now and needs some inspiration.

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I knew they were going to give them the SID push, but didn`t know it was going to be this hard this fast.


The song, the video, the car (estimating total boost in annual sales for that car to be 0, how did they even get it lol).


If they actually keep at it and pull it off, it would be amazing, no reason for a VK band to not try and play with the big boys in a way other than the horrible style (in my opinion) that PSC tried to do it with bands like ViViD and A9 (still liked a lot of the music by those bands though).


To me, the song is quite different from their previous work, but you still have the roots and history of DIV intact, and although things like the programming are more simple progressions, you still get the whole rock sound and Visual Kei element in the rest of the composition, as well as good lyrics ( I can`t understand them all to be honest, like usual his voice is super heavy with the deep exhaling but maybe I will pick it up sometime in the next 100 times I repeat the SPOT). Also most balling PV I have seen outside of SuG for a while.


I hope they keep up the quality and are able to make it big. If they keep going like this I can only love and respect them, especially since they can do it while still being a VK band, as opposed to others that act like VK is something to be ashamed of. They seem to actually have the balls to go for it in life.


Only big issue I have.... Like twenty seconds of silence in the beginning, have to wait so long for the song to restart, hehe.


Anyway, talking too much:



Song is hot fire.

Hope they make it.

Will buy.

Will keep repeating SPOT.

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Sounds like a happier version of  NAINE(with Far East Dizain being a 'darker' version :P), not bad at all! Incorporating EDM in rock songs is a really tricky thing, and it's so overdone that it usually sounds repetitive/samey...

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DIV posted on his official FB about it getting up for US around November.

they what?!? they are finally going "more" oversea.I hope to see them in Europe next year *-*

and to the pv..as many may know I wasn't really fond of that pv spot+look.

The PV is for me still horrible,but the song itself is quite enjoyable(ignoring the refrain) and it sounded to me that they tried to have the rock sound,but these strong electrosounds(which are by now pretty annoying,sry my opinion xD) are kind of destroying it,which is quite sad.

But I also think that it is great for DIV to try always something new and they really can keep up with others like SID and Girugamesh maybe even surpass who knows right.

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