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(Non-Japanese) Artists/albums that remind you of J-pop/J-rock acts

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Ever had this moment when you spun certain non-vk record (while chilling around without our lovely j-music...we tend to have these phases too hey)...you were reminded of your old Japanese favorites? I am pretty sure most of you did have that kind of moment at least once!


So the idea behind this thread is simple:


You post specific non-Japanese releases (compilations, albums...) which might occasionally bug you with reminiscence/elements akin to your Japanese favorites. It doesn't have to be legit influence, so feel free to open up with your discoveries! No one's gonna judge here anyway, right?





The Cardigans - Emmerdale



Reminds of: Shibuya-kei associated rock acts (Cymbals etc.), Tokyo Jihen


Normally jotted down as "one of those generic Cardigans releases you should never try out", this vainly underrated release holds a wide plethora of influences and plays around them in the same way (locally) essential J-acts did back in the J-pop boom heydays a la early 2000s: Upbeat, intriguingly diverse pop rock that occasionally blows kisses to the 60s jangle and vague Jobim/Francophile-esque cutesy, sugary twists avec moderately "sexy" vocalcraft by courtesy of Nina Persson. Odd amalgamation of retro soundscapes, check. Interesting chord structures/build that are not normally cultivated in their Nordic scene, check. Complex, but at the same time tame, multi-genre respecting approach in pop, check.


Feels familiar, right?


EX 1)

(Sabbath cover, surprise!)


Baroque pop-meets-jazzy, fitting mix of moody and sexy w/ underlying bluesy riffs and adds are rather something you'd normally find in Tokyo Jihen's or even Ringo's solo work - especially in those that showcase Ukigumo's trademark guitar jingles (Shuraba? Sweet Spot?)


EX 2)


Jazzy chord changes, innocent approach in general and dominant basswork might be quite something similar to what you'd normally hear in e.g. early Clammbon. Include TJ similarities (especially with their much softer, much more laid-back features) here too.


EX 3)


Heavy bossa influence in this song, and occasional related -isms on this record are lotta something you'd eventually stumble upon while trying ANY shibuya-kei related release - the basswork here is very Cymbals-y too on some parts.



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