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[Suggestion] Let's open a DropBox with tabs.

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Hey everyone. 
Here's a little idea that's been going through my mind for a few days now.

I've been gathering tabs (I mean like real, effective, faithful tabs) from so many bands since like 2008, and even yesterday I just discovered a website where we can buy music sheets from popular Japanese bands. I've found in half a second 3 of the songs I've wanted to play the most and haven't been able to find a tab in like years.


So what about open a Dropbox (& a topic) where everyone could drop the tabs he's found ?

It would be organized this way, let's take Versailles for an example :


Folder : Versailles

>Band Folder (All instruments tabs)
>Guitar Folder (Only guitar tabs)
>Bass Folder (Only Bass tabs)
>Drums Folder (Only Drum tabs)
>Others Folder (Ukulele or whatever the fck I don't know tabs)

Then, on the topic we would make about it, each time someone adds a tab, he can just comment.
We'd need to make sure the file's name is correct (not 144bGUITARsound but more like The Revenant Choir - NOBLE), or even create subfolders for each album or whatever.


I would obviously take care of writing the rules and guides to post tabs, etc.

I have like 100 tabs from many different bands to share.

Of course, the DropBox would be locked by a password so it is *mainly* open for MH Users.

Any comments ?

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