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[Suggestion] Once a week: safe opinion day.

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You'd be able to share your personal opinion in any thread (whether that be on a release, PV-preview, an artist's page, etc.) without being responded to. No one will be permitted to contradict what your voice says by quoted posts and twist your words into corners where you didn't place them yourself. Just freely and without the consequences of the unavoidable discussion of when your opinion is different that that from the larger audience. 


I have encountered it (not only with myself, but I have been witness to many others as well) many times that it's often impossible to state your preferences without being brought down. In my personal view it would be a breath of air where many people seem to be struggling to voice out their thoughts because there will always be someone who won't accept why you dislike or like something.

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Lestat, I appreciate you in general, you seem to be a very nice person, but you're overreacting a bit (especially in the D topic).

We are a forum. We are free of discussions and opinions.
The problem begin when people think they have the truth in them/in their words/in their opinions and denigrate others' opinions (especially in the reviews threads). You like it because A+B? Good. You don't like it because A+B? That's good too. The end. Stop the overreactions.
We don't need a safe day. We already have it, we just have people who obviously can't deal with others' opinions.
Peace and safety. :lovely:

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