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MEJIBRAY live stream Q&A session announced

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If you could ask the band anything what would you ask?
I will be attending so if you can't attend don't worry i will do my best to share with you all everything that happens at the event. (Unfortunately you have to attend in person to view the stream and recording is not allowed)

Thank You all for being so patient :).


Here is the summary of the event:


When the event began MEJIBRAY appeared on the screen and they started off by asking us the fans questions.


Tsuzuku: Where should we visit if we ever go to Los Angeles?


A lot of Fans just replied (House of blues, Hollywood Bowl, Staples Center)


MiA: Bowl?  *Gestures like hes eating Cereal* 

Tsuzuku: So basically anywhere we can perform ? *Laughs*


Tsuzuku: Do you have any alcohol recommendations? if you cant drink, juice is fine.


People replied with a lot of drinks and Tsuzuku showed of his beer in joy when someone named the beer he was drinking


A few questions later it was our turn to ask them a questions.

(The questions towards Meto had to be yes or no but if they weren't we had to guess the answer and Meto would hold up a sign ( X ) and ( O ) 


Fan: Is there any western bands that you like?


Tsuzuku: Ozzy Osbourne

Koichi: Maroon 5

(sadly i could not here what MiA said and we didn't guess what Meto liked)


Fan: How did you all meet?


Tsuzuku: *Sighs* okay... Once upon a time! (He said it in English) I was staring at a river and as i looked closely something came down the stream and inside was..... Koichi !


We all just laughed


Fan: Who came up with the name MEJIBRAY?


Tsuzuku: It was Koichi's idea he gave me the name


Fan: What inspired you(Tsuzuku) to Pole Dance in Eiki's PV?


Tsuzuku: Ummm... *He thought about it for a while* I was feeling EXCITED! 


Fan: Meto is your Favorite color pink?


Meto: *He raised the ( O ) sign and smiled*


Fan: What is your favorite outfit from all you'r PV's so far?


Tsuzuku: VENOMS!


Koichi: VENOMS!


Fan: Is your favorite outfit VENOMS aswell?


Meto: *Held the ( O ) sign up*


Fan: What inspired the song "Hakuraku"?


(Tsuzuku didn't even flinch he just abruptly replied)

Tsuzuku: SEX !!!!! 


Fan: What is your favorite song to perform live?


Tsuzuku: FIFTEEN! (He said in english)      [-XV- = Fifteen] For those that don't know

MiA: Crazed Brain
Koichi: VENOMS
We asked Meto if his favorite song was "RAVEN"
Meto: *Held up the ( O ) sign and smiled again*
The last question we asked was...
Fan: What MEJIBRAY song is the most meaningful to you?
Tsuzuku: KARMA!
Koichi: VENOMS
We asked Meto is his most meaningful song was VENOMS
Meto: *Held up the ( O ) sign*
As we said goodbyes MiA began waving his hands in a squirming manner (Like an octopus) as we all chanted "MEJIBRAY LA"
The band waved goodbye and the Q and A came to an end.
I took a photo of the event, you can find it >HERE<
as well as a picture of their outfits for that day >HERE< since they had an instore event afterwards.
Thanks for reading :)

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It could be that Venoms is a song to look out for in their next release maybe. If they all liked it that much, but I mean I guess most people would like all music they come out with unless its not really their idea.

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