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Looking to complete an online band

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Hey everyone,

ZML. and I are organizing a band through the internet. We're looking to record at least a 2 song demo single. I've wrote the first song already, it's pretty much all done, just have to finish a break down and solo. The thing is, I wasn't able to take my guitar or recording equipment with me when I moved to California, so we have no guitarist, or actually a lot of things. We're looking for the following:

- Guitarist (Up to 2 guitarist, or at least a support guitarist for this demo)

- Bassist (Haven't written bass in the tabs though)

- Keyboardist (Our demo single does have keyboards so if someone wanted to play it that would be great)

If you're interested please reply, and I'll send you a Guitar Pro file of the tabs. If you don't have guitar pro I can export it as a MIDI.

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Hey there, I'm a bassist, may I join?

If you don't have the bass parts in tabs but in sheet music, that's fine. I can read. I can also learn by ear as long as it's not too fast I can hear it clearly enough. I won't have access to a better recording mike and amp until the end of September though.

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Hey sorry for the belated reply, but if you guys are still interested, we can make it work. I still have the tabs, but still having trouble writing the break and solo, but I can figure it out. Also I don't have a bass part written, do any of you have Guitar Pro?

As for our direction, musically we're thinking something between all these bands:

- Nega (Probably biggest influence)

- Lycaon


- Ridiot

- Sadie

- Halsion


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Honestly my influences are kind of different, but either way I'll still have way more in common with you than with the band I'm currently in, lol

I have a good recording mic

edit: for some weird reason, before I thought Guitar Pro = Garage Band, that totally makes no sense

Yes I have Guitar Pro

If you have the main part of the song ready and don't mind others contributing, I can help write the bass part. But if you want to do it yourself, that's fine too. Ready whenever you are :)

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