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Hey there!
I’m back from Japan and I have a few CDs, flyer, magazines and cheki for sale!


If you have questions, feel free to ask!
Shipping is from Germany!


For magazines look here
(gab, vijuttoke, vr)


For flyer from last week here
(Alive, Artemis, Bash!, Deep Rave, diaura, DIV, DIZ, f.e.s, HuV, Jiluka, Marble Head, Melvel, Moran, Nekodokuro, Nihilizm, nüe, SquAiR, The Gallo, Tokami, umbrella, Wing Works, Xenon, Yeti)


For older flyer/postcards click here
(3Peace★Lovers, 9GOATSBLACKOUT, Airish, アルルカン (Arlequin), Belmosaic, Capella, カルペディエム (Carpe diem), D'sko, Daizy Stripper (two different, one of them 2x), Dear L'Novel, ElüpiA, GangLioN, JyuLie, L'avie EN, L&DS, ★NOハウス (Hoshi no House), Nobady, Planetarium, Resist, Rose Noire, S'CUBE, SID, 東京カルテット (Tokyo Quartet), TRA TRA TRA, Virgil, ViV, xxx is DEAD (2x), zechs, Zelktage, Zig+Zag (front) / Pan-d-ra (back), 緑玉歌留多 - ロクダマカルタ)


chekis over here
(aube, And, unknown)


aand CDs here

If you can’t open the links, you can message me and I’ll send you pictures of the requested items :)




I'm also searching for some items


PAYABLE ON 15. every  month (but always payable for UnsraW-goods)



- Alive vol. 22
- Alive vol. 1
- SHOXX vol. 208
- SHOXX vol. 207
- SHOXX vol. 169
- SHOXX vol. 166
- SHOXX vol. 163
- makers core No. 5
- Cure vol. 73
- Cure vol. 38
- Cure vol. 37



- Lighter from Last Live
- Wristband
- t-shirts (I don't care for the size)
- Towels
- Mirror
- Photosets
- the round keychain
- comment DVDs (for example Brand-X comment DVDs, ZEAL LINK etc.)
- Flyer
- chekis of each member
- chekis of Yuuki in -273,15°C / ERIZA / other sessions
- SHOWER on piano CD
- other merchandise thats not already mentioned

Core the Child
- Core the Child flyer
- Depression by Core the Child (I know it’s really rare)



- 空蝉 single
- other merchandise



- t-shirts
- towels
- posters
- other merchandise


Crimson Shiva

- t-shirts
- maybe towels


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