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K from BORN and Satoshi from DiV are brothers!!

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I saw some tweets from, Satoshi, K and Zeal Link on twitter and i've being shocked! *they looks so different*


My japanese isn't good, so if you have a better translation please let me know..




Satoshi Said:

''A kiss to my brother K^_^

Big brother^_^''


*literally said ''Aniki'' = Big Brother*





''K (BORN) and Satoshi (DiV) in the performances of Shin-Yokohama! Two brothers! Yes it is ^^




K said:

''There's something wrong with Satoshi-kun from Div (lol).

As expected, brother continued drinking what was left of Taiwan ^ _- ☆''


*he use the katakana of Brother' (ブラザー)*



Again, sorry for my japanese  :lolita_blink:


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