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Unusual locations in PVs

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has made a "location-centered PV thread" earlier, except that the focus point was more on the most popular spots. After a good chitchat with Amoz and Panda I decided it'd be good

to make a thread about unusual PV locations in BOTH VK AND non-VK


You know the drill already, hm? Feel free to either mention or post PVs with locations that you find quite atypical to the said scene or so on (so abolish those castle kei PVs, please...or okay j/k, nevermind)


I highly doubt that my threads would really garner attention but it'd be really fun and intriguing to see how many "exotic spots" we could name and such, my examples:


Negicco - Hikari no Spur (location: Lapland // Rovaniemi, Finland, thx Amoz!)


Guniw Tools - baby's one do (location: somewhere in Nepal)


Luna Sea - Mother (location: Ireland)


La'cryma Christi - Nangoku (location: Palau - ps. this band had like tons of exotic spots in their PVs. e.g. Venice in their Dwellers-era...)


Vamps - Angel Trip (location: Thailand (?))


etc. etc.


Feel free to share some of yours!

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HaKU's "What's with him" PV was filmed in Malaysia.


This isn't really "unusual" given the genre, but if we're just talking locations outside of Japan, a lot of HAN-KUN's "With me" video was shot in Jamaica.

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