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黒百合と影 Kuroyuri to kage

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I don't particularly mind Rap Metal/Rapping Nu Metal (I mean, Cuartet did it pretty well for those 3 songs they did) but this..

Mei, don't do this to yourself. Rap Metal just doesn't fit you. Not unless you can make it like really dark, like Dir en Grey did with some of their Nu Metal songs 

(In fact, I'd like to see more Diru vulgar era worship from him. Like the Memento Mori song MERRY CHAINSAW, which is a tribute to IIID Empire by Dir en Grey)

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So Kuroyuri to kage's last live was held today at a almost sold out Holiday Shinjuku.


Here's the setlist:



1. Gichigichi

2. Kimi no kusuriyubi~~

3. Chihirochan

4. Pedo

5. Ekijou heya

6. Dangai jigoku~

7. Sousaku negai

8. Benjo

9. Tokage

10. Childmother

11. Hesonou

12. Toshabutsu

13. Kinou no kowai yume

14. Chocolate Kaidan

15. Sore wa kizoku tadashii fuminshou

16. Yokohama Merry

17. Sutekina uta

18. Yokusou

19. Dangai Jigoku~

20. Gesshoku

21. Enogumamire

22. Sennou

23. Benjo2

24. Hakkyou no karute

25. Misui


Both K(Yohan) and Kuro hinted as to this being their last band, i.e. they have officially retired from the music scene as of today.

Mei said during an MC that he will continue, a lot of people expected to get a flyer from his new band when they left the hall but they didn't, so I guess he will reveal more information about this when he's ready.


Some musicans from the scene attended the gig as well, among some of them were Kyouki (Grieva), Yuugo (Grieva), Hiryu (Miztavla), the bassist from Marblehead, Rei from Neclos (who?), Rei from Avanchick, and the rapper who Mei has been hanging out with a lot lately.


Mei is the only one of the three who hasn't written anything about today, the only tweet he has written says Kitaku, which translated to "I'm going home". 


Here's some more pictures:











2014.09.06 - 2018.08.04

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I'll just force myself to be interested in other stuff for the meantime.

Sad about Kuro and K but at least they left something worth remembering.

Just hope whoever Mei teams with can do justice, but I'll follow either way.


(Unless there was some 8psb8bm8sturbate shit then I'll just die.)


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Here's some more (and corrected information):


I took all my previous info from people who attended the gig, but, the band themselves claimed that the hall was sold out, and they kept selling tickets even thought it was, i.e. people were standing outside of the hall just to hear them.









Here's a picture of mei with Izumi from Sibilebasir



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I mean he'd have to do something akin to tzk and koichi if he wants to alienate me. I kind of almost want him to do stuff like what was it on the first album... child mother? No nu-metal riffs but just the same grotesque imagery and him crooning. 

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I'd personally like to see him do more traditional Japanese stuff like he did in Memento Mori. I feel he wanted to sort of do that in Kuroyuri (the lyrics of Tokage for example), but never was able to do much with it. I loved Child Mother though. That song had a lot of Ryukoka vibes. 

I have a feeling though anything new he makes will have more Dir en Grey vibes than they used to. Let's just hope that if he does anything with Tetsuco, that it isn't the scene-kid mess Peanuts for a Party Boy was. 

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understand  both opinios

in first place i think that memento mori ended bcuz they didn't wanted to be labeled as a tradicional japanese vk band

like a Kiryu.then kuroyuri came to give more oxygen and freedom to execute different ideas

grotesque and brutal lyrics like ozashiki asobi and gesshoku ,conceptual artworks,nu mental influences like in Benjo

traditional japanese stuff...he can bring all of these stuff to the table.i can't see any reason for a drastic change on 

his way to make music,since i think that the disbandment was kuro and yohan's decision

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Yeah. Kuro and Yohan were honestly done with the Vkei scene and I can see why, after the way Yukika treated them, having to deal with all the drama, etc. 

I'd really like Mei to go full fledged Angura Kei and do a band like Kalavinka, but I know that will never happen lol

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i'm definitely in need of a memento mori 2.0 but i also liked the kuroyuri concept

kuro will not be with him anymore,so...i really don't know exactly what to expect in music terms

but i'm sure that Mei won't change much cuz he has a strong personality 

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