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MH FEATURED POLL #13: What social networking sites do you use?


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  1. 1. What social networking sites do you use?

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Tumblr
    • Last.fm
    • Google+
    • LinkedIn
    • Flickr
    • Pinterest
    • Vine
    • LiveJournal
    • vk.com (VKontakte)
    • mixi
    • Ameba
    • Other

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Hmm let's see.


FB when I'm desperate.

Twitter b/c I have to remain hip with the new gen kids.

Tumblr for my P0rn

Flickr/Photobucket for my Photog shots

Instagram to pass my boredom

Pinterest for my fashion updates

Skype for international chat



I have a snapchat, and good god I hate it. If it wasn't for the basic bitches here in Chicago using it, and being an easier way to hook up rather than just asking for their #, I'd have gotten rid of it lol.

I also use the Playstation Message system too lol for gaming updates


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FB lurker all the way. I'm on it the whole damn time. Or FB messenger rather. Easiest way to contact my friends. I run street teams for varios VK bands in Chile and do a lot of promotion, and that's the easiest/most used social media here so...

I've been forcing myself to use twitter because bandomen update everything there and it's a good place to stalk bangyas.

Same reason to have an instagram account, though I haven't uploaded anything.

I think I may still have a tumblr but I never go on it, couldn't get used to it. 

I have whatsapp because everybody uses it here and my different bosses contact me there.

I also have skype, never really got used to Line, though I do have/had an account...

And now MH, of course <3


I'd say currently FB and MH are the most effective ways to get in touch with me, besides my email.

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facebook - getting in touch with family, rl friends

twitter - news and updates, rarely make my own posts

tumblr - inspiration, finding cool random stuff, outlet

last.fm - music music music, and drooling over my awesome music tastes

livejournal - private usage

ameba - japanese blogging


i'm not really active on these except for tumblr and last.fm, oh and MH too of course!

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oh yeah, i also use tumblr for my art

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-Facebook, to see what family are doing and to use the messenger feature since my friends are too lazy to actually talk to me.

-I have instagram which I check once a month for VK bandomem pictures and twitter so I can see what indie game devs are up to, also I follow tons of bird and chicken pages.

-I got rid of all my tumblr insp and porn blogs because tumblr is now more cancerous than ever, but just created a new page to upload my art /sigh.

-I'm always on Pinterest for art-y stuff and recipes

-LinkedIn because my university made me do it

-Lastfm because I can't get myself to let it go

-I'm on snapchat because it's hilarious and I'm tryna keep up with the times


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Facebook, because, yeah.

Twitter, for seeing visual kei bandmen say shit that I don't understand.

WhatsApp, for chatting with homies about visual kei.

Monochrome heaven too.

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Twitter, tumblr, instagram, skype sometimes. I used ameba a lot before to follow bandmembers and practice japanese buuuuut I started to use twitter for that so.

(and omg livejournal those were the days)

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Tumblr mainly. I have an Instagram but I use that to stare at people and Twitter just to keep up with bandomen things. I recently made a Facebook but I barely use it. Also have LINE (if that counts) but I only talk to 2 people there now.

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completely live my life on twitter

use last.fm, but don't spend time on it

check FB every now and then but totally tired of it for anything but the messenger

check instagram every now and then but never post, like, ever

use tumblr for music blogging for the past couple years; used it more "normally" for a while but got tired and a tad... alienated? aesthetics got boring, and pretty much all my friends were on twitter as well

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Facebook is something I check wayyy too often, even at work. Aside from that, Instagram and Tumblr are my most used things. I have a huge list of queued/drafted posts for tumblr since there's so much gorgeous material out there! Pinterest I mostly use for recipes and work craft ideas. I use to use Livejournal a ton, miss those days.

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- Twitter mainly for following artists and gaming news and having monologues with myself and complaining about dumb stuff

- Instagram for following a couple of old friends, I don't post anything there myself though

- Last.fm for keeping track of my listening habits and browsing and searching for some new music from time to time

- Tumblr I don't really use that much anymore but I follow a couple of writing prompt blogs and some aro/ace positivity blogs

I had facebook like 6 years ago for a couple of months before I deleted it because I didn't have any friends there lol

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RateYourMusic is actually the social media website on which I'm most active, but I regularly check Twitter and occasionally Tumblr as well.


I fucking hate Facebook because they're incredibly invasive of your privacy and I don't want to be found by people I know in real life either. The only reason I keep a Facebook account is because I've found some useful local groups.

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