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Show Yourself (again)

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anyway. since I havent bugged you guys with my photoz in a while... well, i've had a little photoshoot with myself just half an hour ago :D



yes, i'm too pal, but I like it that way... I kinda don't want to tan... And, oh well the second one was under a neon and the first one was under my regular lamp light..

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ah kir, I wish, I wish... But since I'm a minor, I can't do anything without my parents' permission. And dad is so strict since mom's death >.<

But i will try once I'm 18, ofc if we don't die in 2012 :D

btw, thank you guys <3

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ah I believe I recognize you!

I was standing like next to you when you took those pictures XD

the fool was so nice! even though Goo left really soon, I believe he wanted to go home.. XD

but I really like the photos c: I also took pictures with Gunji and everyone from Luzmelt, but I look horrible on almost EVERY picture > >

anyways.. this is me:


waiting for D=OUT. I'm on the right. yes, I was also scared when I saw my eyes D: (and weird arm.)


waiting for Versailles. Well.. it was really sunny that day, and when I found this box in front of a store I thought I could use it to make a sunshade. of course it failed.


and this.. well after waiting for about 10 hours for the fool and Luzmelt, we finally got inside. this is me and a friend. (at the front row ;D yay for no fences. the lives in Tivoli are always the best ;P)


and this last picture was made at the end of the concert from Luzmelt (it's from Yuhma's blog). that's me, holding Yuhma and Yuhma's water bottle.. oh god I'm such an idiot XD

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