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Show Yourself (again)

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On 8/28/2013 at 2:30 PM, hyura said:

Just found this picture from my old phone. : D




It's me cosplaying as Hisui (Madeth Gray'll) and my boyfriend cosplaying as Kon (La'Mule).

(We look super serious but actually we were cracking up all day.)

Still have to bring this one UP! Like literally wtf, this is so beautiful and amazing. Thank you.

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Just now, chipathy said:

ah yes a fellow daki owner, also looking cute 

Thanks! Who's your of? Mine's Nageki from Hatoful Boyfriend (his bird form is on the reverse 🐦).

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4 minutes ago, God said:



That lookout place next to the Golden Gate Bridge ft. Me.



Also, I didn't know we had a thread like this here~~~ So I shall also post a selfie ouo

Here, pls appreciate me with mah glasses here also on a side note, I think I gained some cutie weight so my cheeks a bit a chubby and I LOVE THEMMM i wuv my chubby cheeks uwu  ❤️ 



Also, wanna brag cuz I just recently got contact lenses so hereeeeee ouo i can now see without having to wear glasses sdbjfbadskjnk


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Me breaking the chain of cute people pictures :) Pose inspired by the master of poses himself, Tatsuro 😂


Also today one of my course mates from my Korean classes was like  "how's high school ?" and I honestly felt so happy haha.





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