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Show Yourself (again)

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drunk & wanted to try making vintage magazine/booklet-esque photos. i think if i was a wacky new age conspiracy theorist then someone could convince me i was the spiritual lovechild of issay and atsushi that somehow manifested the first time they sang together, or at least we carry the same trauma eye energy and that's why I feel so moved...or we're all just narcissists likely.
luckily i'm mostly just delusionally tired & soaked in vodka instead.
Also never put anything on my lips before, but getting back to VK really pushed me to be more theatrical outside my art again, it's funny all I want to do is perform but I have the 'no mouth & must scream' art ability instead lol... Growing out my hair is going well, oddly i feel more confident. I think I will grow it all the way and maybe one day do some sort of real vk inspired look, but right now it's at too awkward a phase (also no, no eyelashes i have trich)




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 Me without make up and more manly. 




Me with a little bit of make up on so I can contour my nose. I really hate my nose.




A purikura of me.




Me with a lot more make up on. It's not filted at all, I just had really good lighting. I like to paint a shade lighter, if you can tell by my neck lol I forgot to pain that part.


Well, you can see that if you've seen my pictures before, that I've changed my overall appearance. I like playing with make-up, I do wear it to work and I let them know if they fuck with me, I have HR on speed dial and HR said I can wear makeup to work, no one cares though that I wear makeup sometimes; so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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