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NEW ITEMS ADDED! MASSIVE VISUAL KEI CD/DVD/GOODIES SALE (too many items for a picture, please ask for single pictures of each item). PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE, IF YOU BUY 3 OR MORE ITEMS YOU GET A DISCOUNT.


- An Cafe - Amedama Rock 18 euro

- An Cafe - Komou Cosmos (RARE!) 14 euro

- An Cafe - Official T-shirt from 2012 European Tour (size S and size M, two T-shirts avaiable) 14 euro each one

- Ayabie - EURO BEST 12 euro

- Dio-distraught overlord - Byakuya ni moyuru hana 1°st single 11,50 euro


- DIR EN GREY - It Withers and withers DVD (regular edition) 15 euro

- GULLET (ex. 9GOATS BLACK OUT'S Ryo band) - Official picture 5 euro (RARE!)

- hurts - Best album 16 euro (RARE!) 

- MERRY - under-world (Japanese limited edition with DVD) 20 euro

- MERRY - M.E.R.R.Y. (EU edition) 10 euro

- MERRY - Peep Show (EU edition) 10 euro

- MERRY - Nu Chemical Rhetoric (EU edition) 10 euro

- MoNoLith - fiction & non fiction (best album) 14 euro

- MUCC - Kuchiki no tou (EU edition) 14 euro

- MUCC - Homura Uta (EU edition) 13 euro

- MUCC - Zekuu (EU edition) 13 euro

- MUCC - Houyoku (EU edition) 13 euro

- MUCC - 6 (EU edition) 10 euro

- MUCC - Kyutai (EU edition) 13 euro

- MUCC - Karma (EU edition) 11 euro

- Sally / SCHELLEN (ex. hurt's Hina and Dio's Erina band) - PV collection 16 euro (RARE!) 

- Sally / SCHELLEN (ex. hurts' Hina and Dio's Erina band) - Official picture 6 euro (RARE!)

- Scarlett - Gendai Teki Roman Kashu 12 euro 



Cure vol 89 - cover with HERO and Cindykate 12 euro 

Cure vol 91 - cover with Lin-the end of corruption world- and DuelJewel 12 euro

Cure vol 94 - cover with NEGA and And-eccentric agent- 12 euro




If you're interested in something or want some detailed info, don't hesitate to contact me! I'll reply as soon as possible


Best wishes



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Hello! It depends from where you live.

If you live in Europe, shipping would be 5 euro not-tracked, 8 euro tracked
If you live in USA, shipping would be 8 euro not-tracked, 14 euro tracked

If you live in Asia, South America, Oceania, Africa or Middle East shipping would be 10 euro not-tracked, 18 euro tracked


So I need to know where do you live ><!

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