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The Extremely Official MH J-meme Thread

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16 minutes ago, Gesu said:

I thought I told you guys to stop me. You do realise that if you don't, this entire thread is just gonna become overrun with my memes/shitposts, righ?

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If they're funny as these, then I want to see more XD

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I'm back and my memes are shittier than ever. I might have to take a break before the well really does run dry.












ETA: Thank you to @CAT5 for posting that thus/furthermore/henceforth Winnie The Pooh meme in the random thoughts thread. You introduced me to a new meme format and for that, I am eternally grateful.

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4 minutes ago, suji said:

this but with Lycaon --> Initial'L

Was thinking that when I made that meme, but I didn't want to use the same format twice in the same post.

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