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Your last music-related buy!

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Ayyy after a brief frustration with customs, it's here! (≧▽≦) 



Initial'L - VISION

Initial'L - Tokyo Horizon

Initial'L - Can you feel it?

Lycaon - Gypsy

Lycaon - Last Dance

DIMLIN - Rijin

NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST - Unleash (lol if it's gonna be both the first and the last new release of theirs that i'll buy if they disband)

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And - Trigger (Type A and B...)

And - bluff (Type B...)

the Gazette - Distress Coma

Razor - the CORE

Clover - Promise To...

Megaromania - Artistical Glint

Mejibray - Slivers.exe

Dimlim - Rijin

Lill - Unknown World

Kagrra, - Shu (Regular Edition)

Kagrra, - Uzu (Limited Edition)

Vivid - Across the Border

Vivid - Precious (both types)

12012 - Play Dolls

Alucard - Final Answer

36481? - Fiction(?)

Joker - 餌付け

Lolita23Q - Syuen Wars

Lolita23Q - Marble Shaking Ward

Fixer - ERs

Nicolas - 真夏の蜃気楼

Neophilia - un chain

Jakura - 呪縛ト不フ緋色ノ悪夢 (Jubaku to Iu Hiiro no Akumu) + message tape

DIV - Zero One

Diaura - Genesis (Second Press)

vistlip - revelation space (Live DVD)


Nicolas pamphlet + signed CD

the Raid, Shellmy, and Blu-Billion uchiwa fans

h'evn magazines vol #37 and #43

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Went on the buying spree last few weeks and today last package was delivered. Here are the new additions to my collection:

Gazette - Decomposition Beauty

Gazette - Gozen 0-ji no trauma radio (super happy about that one)

Gazette - traces vol. 1

VA - Nippon rock Noriko Shouji selection

Gazette - Madara

Lynch - XIII

Exist Trace - Twin gate

Exist Trace - Vanguard of the muses

Exist Trace - Recreation Eve

Exist Trace - ambivalent Symphony

Dadaroma - pornograph

Dadaroma - dadaism 4

Dadaroma - Stanczyk

TM revolution - Under cover 2

Yousei Teikoku - Pax vesania

Undead corporation - O.D.

Nocturnal Bloodlust - unleash

Nocturnal Bloodlust - best of



Edit: Can’t post picture for some reason so you have to imagine there being a photo, haha

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Kamaitachi tapes; two of them are supposed to be live shows and the rest are demo tapes. 



Decameron - Merry Christmas for you demo tape

Decameron - 30th Anniversary live distribution

Kamaitachi concert dvd

Decameron PV vhs



VA - Face of Soleil II

Cats in Boots - Kicked & Clawed

Cats in Boots - Demonstration

D'erlanger - Basilisk

D'erlanger - La Vie En Rose

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In no particular order...


Kagrra, - 沙羅 〜懐かしの楽園〜 2005年4月14日(木) SHIBUYA-AX (DVD)

Kagrra, - Gozen

Vidoll - Blue Star (Regular Edition)

Vidoll - 人魚 (Ningyo)

Vidoll - 僕、ホワイトデーも一人斬り


Vidoll - 華ナ名ノ誓イ身診‐通過点‐

Peace and Smile Carnival 2005

Peace and Smile Carnival 2009

Like an Edison 2005 New Year's Comment DVD

Like an Edison 2006 New Year's Comment DVD

DIAURA - Malice (Type A)

DIAURA - Malice (Type B...)

DIAURA - Versus (Limited Edition)

DIAURA - Versus (Regular Edition)

DIAURA - Definition (Type A)

Alice Nine - 華想夢想紙 

D - 皇帝~闇に生まれた報い~ [Type A]

Fixer - Fixer (album)

DespairsRay - Terrors (First Press)

DespairsRay - Coll:set 


the GazettE - Verwelktes Gedicht photobook (Limited Edition)

the GazettE - Standing Live Tour 2006 “Nameless Liberty Six Guns” tourbook with CD

old D'espairsRay flyer

old Vidoll photosets

Visual Rockers DVD Bible (Alice Nine/A9 Cover)

Too many magazines from Cure, Fool's Mate, and Shoxx


Super late, but thank you so much @Valicious, @Biopanda, and all the staff at Rarezhut for making it possible to purchase these items!

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Is it music related if it's a book about music? ;)


Anyway, I took a chance and typed "visual kei" into my local auction site and this gem popped up and for cheap so I thought what the hell XD


The title translates into "Man's image in visual kei" & the quote on the back cover is quite magical tbh: "Visual kei is a fairy tale, which inspired by many different sources creates its very own story about beauty ".  Although juxtaposing it with the contents of this forum, it is quite hilarious XDD

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Just bought:


どく 「クイ」 

ザアザア 「破裂」(Regular Edition) 



Really happy with all three! I'm hoping to also buy Suibotsu soon as I really like what I heard in the album previews.

The NAZARE single was sold as used but was delivered as new instead; I'm happy about that too lol.

It was a pleasant surprise!

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Hey! Say! JUMP - SENSE or LOVE (limited edition)
Sexy Zone - PAGES (limited edition, type b)
Bought these two  about a month ago, but they just came in today. I'd take a picture of them as well but my phone's broke; I'll probably take a picture once I'm able to get my phone fixed.

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Eliphas Levi - 懺悔の朝に・・・  (sealed)

Eliphas Levi - リデルの赤い書物

Eliphas Levi - 冷たいアトリエの魔術師
+ some postcards, flyers, poster and such




Scarlet Valse's lucky bag (incl. a T-shirt and tote bag)




V.A. - 2011.3.5 Larme d'ange 三ヶ月連続主催イベント第二弾 超カマ騒ぎ~カマホワイトデー! March de カマーチ つったかたったった~ 限定

gossip - obscene

gossip - Newborn

Javelin - ~道標~/逃避回路

Zephyr - Primary Colours

Kyoka - M

LUAZY - Misty Blue

関西耽美系~Lily project~ - 華麗なる雪花のアリア



Seciliaルナ - Baptism (Type-B)

岡部 啓一 - Piano Collections NieR Gestalt & Replicant

Aliene Maφriage - 傀儡異形のマリア (sealed)

Aioria - 蒼月の陰影

Distray - gene of "D"

岡部 啓一 - NieR Gestalt & Replicant Original Soundtrack

Rosé Noir - Rosé Noir :wub:

Rosé Noir - So One Blue Night (Special mix version) :wub:

Rosé Noir - 1993.03.18 ヤンタ鹿鳴館 - / TAI:LEN - 1993.08.02 難波ロケッツ (not in this picture)

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Gotten a couple of CDs over the past few weeks, but I've been too lazy to take pics lately.


Also, here's my proudest acquistion yet - I managed to find Gara and Nero (Merry)'s old band After effect's VHS tape on Mercari and THANK GAWD I was able to buy it through Buyee. I don't know what it contains since the tape isn't labeled with anything (no release date either) but the band name and I have no VHS player to actually play it ;w; Theoretically, I believe it features the live video of "レトール" (which was already shared on Nico or Youtube iirc) but I could be wrong.





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