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On 4/7/2020 at 1:37 PM, VkBrutaliaN said:

Nellfin – Never seen

ゼツ - この音源を聞いたら死にます。

DAMILA - アリシア

鴉-カラス- - スケアクロウ−1

どく - 拒絶

アマノジャクシ - みつどもえ

MAMIRETA - 五臓六腑に染みる雨

Hueye - キミノヒーロー



Nellfin – Never seen ❤️ love this band ❤️ 

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A bit of "new" music to play during quarantine.


KAMIJO - Temple Blood sucking for praying lim ed.

KAMIJO - Documentary of Epic Rock Orchestra (promo cd)

KAMIJO - Castrato lim. ed.

KAMIJO - Kamijo World Tour 2015

LAREINE - Fleur (pink & blue disc)

Bonus Raphael and Gackt singles I'm keeping because I like both editions and the songs too.

Various Versailles promo message DVDs

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dove dove dove - Sadgaze - Single

dove dove dove - 夜の魔物 - EP

Ashmaze. - 錯覚

Setsuna - COMPLETE

GoodByeMyFriends - Midnight Blue

Menopause - ViViSECTALiZZ

GLIMGARDO - Obscurial

R.O.L.A. - Hierophilia


Nicolas - Umbra

fesFE[M] - Darkness and Collusion

MissA - a rotten apple spoils the barrel

Stealth Identity - LILY

Sunawachi Saga. - 水槽

GAYME - 太陽の唄

CieLGraVE - 吐情の虚

Qreha's Gothical Sinfonia - The World in the Goblet

Sanbika - 狂った優雅

Asty - 反逆ブレイズ


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gulu gulu - 「ぐるぐる流出音源集」【リビングデッド盤】& 「ぐるぐる流出音源集」【サイレン盤】


-They're available for purchase if any collectors or anyone else want them cheaper than for what you'll be charged by CDJ, PM me if you're interested. I used to keep this kind of stuff, but I just can't anymore at the level of minimalism I'm at these days. I'd rather they go to a good home than everything but the CDs being eventually discarded.🤗

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Rumbless. - Σ -sigma-

FROM THE BEGINNING - 『言霊信仰/save me take a loop』

aminas – Assimilation

KaloZoic - 不平和モダニズム

ビス – 12012

リブラヴェル - 追憶 (Type B )

GLIM GARDO – Obscurial

ZON - ポジとネガ

NAZARE – NEMOPHILA (Ltd. edition)



ZEAK – silly talk

ヴェルテクス-Vertex- - 4th Demo Single



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